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SEO IconWelcome to Waymaker SEO, an SEO Audit and Consulting Service that teaches clients how to improve their website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) processes.

Together we improve your website to better connect with people looking for your products/services/solutions. If you want more traffic or a better conversion rate and learning SEO, we can help.

No black box or cheap tricks, just data, and hard work.

New to SEO?

If you are new to SEO I have created guides and resources to help you learn a little more about SEO.

Waymaker SEO Guides you through the SEO Process.

As guides, we walk with businesses along the SEO journey, consulting business and marketing teams on engaging in their SEO efforts. We start with an SEO Audit,  provide data and dashboards and work with you to develop a plan. Along our journey, we share our processes,  data, and reports. Our clients can see the work and we progress toward your SEO goals.

Our main style is to be a "work with you" provider or a "Do it with You" (DIWY) provider. This means we spend time talking through options and parsing out work. We can do tasks requiring more Technical SEO work, showing the hows and whys. We also offer a wide range of SEO services.

Why SEO is Very Important

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We can answer questions and provide some preliminary data and information.

No Obligation: We want to deliver value ahead of selling our service.

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Our Process

SEO is my skill, and Helping People is my Passion


Joshua with suitWaymaker SEO loves showing businesses how to improve their website through Search Engine Optimization efforts. Showing and demonstrating processes is a passion of our founder. It's fantastic to make changes to a site and see results in a few weeks.

Our founder has been doing SEO work since 2007 and working with the same powerful reporting software since 2104.  We currently use processes and strategies developed over many years to meet SEO best practices and standards.

We follow a simple SEO strategy focusing on 4 Facets;

Code, Content, Community, and Competitors. My processes are straightforward to follow, working towards increasing organic traffic and improving conversion rates.

There is no black box, just precise data, decisive strategy, and hard work. I can work with and for your team to achieve SEO success.  My processes include strategic development and implementation.

We try to make complex things simple.

If you want an SEO provider that is transparent, diligent and works with you and your team, we are here to help. We excel at Transparent SEO Audits and Reporting, communicate regularly, and clearly articulate how to improve your site.

Looking for an SEO Service Provider?

SEO Audit Services

Get a detailed audit of your website, with summaries, looking at 4 areas; Code, Content, Community, and Competitors. This audit will evaluate your SEO efforts and advise on what's working, what's broken, and what can be improved. Data and reports are provided at the level of details you and your team need.

SEO Reports & Analysis

Need a more detailed report on your SEO efforts? My reports include the following: Code Errors, Page Speed Insights, Keyword Rankings, Keyword Research, Competitors Keyword Rankings, Competitor Analysis, Baclinks inventory, and much more. If you want more data or a clear picture of how your website is performing, Contact Me.

SEO Consulting Service

Want to learn SEO or need your team to learn some more SEO strategies and tactics? I share my insights, detailed processes, and teach clients Audits, Analytics, Backlink StrategyContent Planning, Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, Technical SEO, and Search Console analysis. Project and Monthly Rates Available.

SEO Audit

Get a comprehensive SEO audit that will provide you with a baseline for SEO ranks, ability, and capacity to grow. Our Audits cover Code, Content, Community (Backlinks), and Competitor Analysis. Each Audit comes with a clear report with data and a 30-60-90 day plan.

Month-to-Month Support

We run weekly reports and check rank progress. Each month we refresh new keywords, compare with competitors, and report on the progress of the site. Leveraging these reports, we make modifications to our work plan. You will know what we are working on, why, and the expected results.

Copywriting Content Creation

One of the largest facets of SEO is creating content that aligns with your broader marketing efforts and has SEO value. We can help you tweak your content to increase its SEO value, and create new content that will help your SEO efforts, and repurpose other content into SEO-ready website content.

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Industries Served

We have experience in over 20 industries, from small businesses to mid-market brands, from non-profits to higher education institutions. Learn more about the industries served, our successes, and the challenges for each industry.

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