Our Process

We audit your website at the level requested, provide you the reports, and scope out work to make positive changes to your website. We can make the on site improvements ourselves or work with your team to make the fixes. Once changes are made we run the audit reports again to show what has been improved. All steps are clearly documented and provided to our clients as requested.

  • Customer Intake - We get to know about you and your business. We capture information about your marketing goals and resources you would like to use during the process.
  • Customer Set-up - We setup billing and forms of communication that fits your preferred communication style. We ask for access and permissions as needed.
  • Situation Analysis - We audit your website based on the desired service. We provide you copies of these reports as part of our service.
  • Establish priorities - We review the reports and determine a course of action based on priorities.
  • Scope work - We make a work plan based on information captured during intake, the audit reports, and budget.
  • Implement Changes - We download a copy of your code and content before making changes. We then make the agreed upon edits.
  • Review Changes - We re-download your code and content and rerun audit reports.

Results generally take 2 - 3 months to take full effect.

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