Club House SEO Fundamentals 10-05-21

My apologies I did not get a complete account of this day's question. Two questions did stand out.

How does one Niche in SEO?

There are several facets to SEO, so it's easy to niche into a specific service. But first, let's look at two prevailing ways people provide SEO services.

  1. "Do It for you" service. These providers work their systems and processes and handle the SEO efforts. They offer a deliverable in the form of reports, improved ranks, and traffic. They generally do not share their techniques, and some questions you may have may not be answered or will receive a reply, "that's our information we can not share."
  2. "Do it with you" service. These providers share their processes and practices. They work with you and your team to analyze your website and SEO efforts and will make recommendations. Sometimes these providers will need to rely on feedback and might not move forward without feedback.
  3. Hybrid of the above. Some providers offer an array of services that are a mix of the two.

Whichever your preference, it's best to know which one works for you and your team.

Then there is the type of Business SEO providers service:

  1. Small Business and Local Search: These providers work with small business owners that tend to be "brick and mortar," i.e., have a physical location. The goal is to build awareness and traffic from the defined catchment areas, usually some reasonable travel distance. They may also recommend Google My Business (GMB) as part of their strategy.
  2. Regional/National Small - Mid Size Business: These providers help businesses with higher ticket items or work in a volume that warrants a marketing department or a team with more robust marketing efforts. Competiton and customer base is usually a larger area.
  3. Business Enterprise Providers: These providers work with businesses whose websites may be a few thousand pages, with ten thousand plus keywords. These usually are national clients, with national reach and completion, with some international presence.


Lastly, there are the specializations that SEOs can niche into:

  1. Technical SEO: These folks know code, server settings and work with developers to fix errors on the site.
  2. On-Page SEO: These folks know how to optimize the content on the page and will generally do a little coding as it relates to the page content.
  3. Content Writers: These folks are wordsmiths. They take concepts and ideas and turn them into words on the page. Some of these folks also have skills similar to the next group.
  4. Keyword Researchers: these folks love to words and research. They can help you find the right words and work them into a content creation strategy.
  5. Marketing Consultants: These folks have a marketing angle to SEO and will want to help you build an SEO plan that works into a broader marketing effort.
  6. Backlink Specialists: These specialists focus on building backlinks to your site, ideally from higher domain authority sites.
  7. Social Media SEO: These folks know social media and how to optimize your efforts on various platforms. Bonus points for SEO's that can also leverage this to build up your website's SEO score.
  8. SEO Generalists: It seems to be the antithesis of niching, but these folks understand a broader SEO strategy that encompasses these other aspects above. They should be good a helping you make the best investment into a specific service for a time. They also should know where they need to tap into a specialist.
  9. Other Disciplines: SEO is about trying to get the right traffic to the site. Some business niches require special knowledge or insight. These include; photography, e-commerce, professional services (CPA, Lawyers, Therapists) and need some basic understanding of those industry's marketing restrictions/limitations

These are a few SEO approaches or styles/buckets. SEO's come into SEO in so many directions that each one has unique make-up and way to approach SEO.

For those that want to niche into SEO, there are a lot of options. I welcome the opportunity fr new SEO's to enter the field and bring their unique insight and perspective.

How do I start my SEO Journey:

This question is a common question. I wrote another post about how to start your SEO journey: SEO Basics.


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