Club House SEO Fundamentals: 10-12-21

Here is a sample of some of the questions from this week's room.

What are some best ways a business can do SEO?

The ideal SEO plan aligns with your business goals and helps with achieving those goals. If your primary interest is to sell more of a good or service, you want to rank for the product/service and for keywords that align with the solution your business provides. The benefit of ranking for various terms along the buying cycle can bring in additional buyers at different stages of buying.

What is Domain Authority? How does it work? Why do different SEO programs rank it differently?

Domina Authority is essentially a grade for your website based on a culmination of various variables. Google used to use Page Rank (PR) but has forgone that rating system. So SEO software companies picked up the demand for a page rank system and created their versions to help people understand the value of their domain.

Domain Authority uses several search engine optimization factors, including; Age of site, Inbound Links, Technical aspects, and other factors.

Each Search Engine Software company has its formula and weighting system when it comes to these factors. These different formulas are why you may have differing Domain Authorities with these programs.

It's best to stick to one, use a baseline score, then go from there.

What is the SEO best practice for image handling?

The best advice is to create images that are the right size and format for the web. Suppose you are building a responsive website (one that formats based on the viewer's device). In that case, you should have different versions of the image in the correct format or have a website that can reformat the existing image to the right size.

There are also plugins for Content Management Systems (Like WordPress) that can optimize or compress your images. More advanced tools will load images to servers in various countries to allow faster load times to traffic from those regions.

Is it okay to have an Archive version of an email marketing campaign or email that email programs have sent previously?

As long as your website doesn't contain an exact duplicate of the email sent out, aka duplicate content, you should be fine. These are usually stored on the email server or domain and have a unique URL. They generally are not indexable or searchable, but there is no guarantee.

Are there data or tools we need for SEO?

Yes. Start with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These will tell you what is happening with traffic on your website and how they got there. These two tools are the start of knowing how to improve your results.

There is also a list of resources I put together on the SEO Resources page.


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