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Next steps

Once the audit is done we will send you the report along with a meeting request to schedule a time to review the content. If you don't want to meet with us, no worries.

Free Keyword Ranking Report

Free Keyword Ranking ReportWhat is included in the free keyword ranking report?

I take a quick look at your site and the words that the search engines have "on-hand" for your website. I also look for websites that are using similar keywords and align them as competitors.

You will then get a copy of:

  1. Keyword Ranking Report - See how visible your site is for an initial set of keywords for 2 search engines (Google and Yahoo).
  2. Competitor Rankings - See how your website measures up against competitors.
  3. Keyword Research Report - See the competitiveness of the keywords we found. You will see the #of searches, Competition Assessment, Expected Visits, and Cost Per Click.

How this report is different from our Full SEO Audit

Our Full SEO audit includes the information above, plus more research and content and a few additional features including:

  1. Research data from 2 additional Search Engines (Google Mobile, and Bing)
  2. Competitors Ranking for up to 5 competitors
  3. Organic Website Traffic (Assuming we can get access from you to your Google data)
  4. Keywords Rankings Parsed data - CSV file with affiliated keywords parsed into various data sets that are easy to read and use for content planning. We also provide page ranking data for your site.
  5. Additional SEO reports for Backlinks, Code Audit, and Competitor Breakdown.

If you are interested in talking to me about a full audit, check out the SEO Audit Service.