Our SEO Service Offers a variety of deliverables for an SEO Audit. From detailed Full SEO audits to more specific audits of the Code, Keywords, Backlinks, and Competitors, we can provide you the data and insights you need to make the best decisions for your business.

  • Full SEO Audit: Detailed Audit of the Website's Code, Content, Backlinks, and Competitor Analysis
  • Specific Audits Areas:  Website Code, Keyword Rankings, Keyword Research, Backlink Audit, Competitors Rankings, Competitors Keywords, Cpompeitor Backlinks, Online Competitor Identification.
  • Monthly Reports: All of our reports are available on a monthly cycle.
  • White Label: Are you a Marketing or Web Agency? We can publish our reports with your logo and contact info and provide you raw data to format as you please.

Full SEO Audit

If you are a marketing director or business owner that is paying for SEO work, website development, or Pay per Click advertising, you might want to use it to do an SEO Audit on your website.

Here is how I run a full SEO Audit:

Check the Code: Identifying broken and missing information that is not being indexed, down to the page. I identify technical and on-page SEO elements that are missing. I can provide details at the level you need.

Check Keywords: Identify ranking keywords, keyword difficulties, keyword potential for traffic, id which keywords are working, and which keywords can be improved, and communicate how to improve overall traffic to the site.

Check Backlinks:  Identify existing backlinks, and find potential backlink options. Classify backlinks and help with toxic backlink removal.

Check on Competitors: I work with your list, check competitors for desired keywords, and other online competitors. I provide a GAP list of keywords and backlinks to be used in your SEO strategy.

Full SEO Audit Pricing

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SEO Audit Details

SEO Code Errors

I check your website for code errors that include the following:

SEO Audit Service Report Sample

  • Broken Links/Pages/Images
  • Duplicate Content: Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
  • 301 & 302 redirects
  • Pages that are too large
  • HTPPS pages with mixed content issues
  • Empty Alt Tags
  • and much more

I run a report and show you what's wrong with the site, and which errors are holding you back from SEO efforts.

WordPress SEO Expert

I am well versed in fixing many issues we find on WordPress. All we need is a contract, payment, and access to your website to fix errors.


SEO Keyword Audit

I audit your site for keywords. I check the website's current rankings, scrape the site for keywords, and run them against your Google Search Console and Google Analytics Data.

This report will tell you which keywords you are ranking for, with their rank, which pages are ranking well, and how close you are to first page rankings.

I use this report to identify low-hanging fruit, working to improve pages that are closest to moving up in ranks.

I also check your keywords against a Keywords Research Report, Analyzing potential traffic and conversions for specific keywords. Sometimes there are small keyword variations that are searched more frequently than other keywords.

Backlinks Audit

I can tell you which other sites are linked to your website, the value of those links, and what words they are using to connect to your website.

This information is great to audit any web service that you are paying for that offers to link to your website or send you traffic.

Competitors Audit

About 80% of the competitive Analysis we are asked to do is for analog competitors. It's not uncommon to find the online/digital competitors are not always your offline competitors. I wrote a blog that provides more insight.  SEO Analysis: Online Competitors.

I can run the various reports above and do a gap analysis to show you where your competitors are ahead of your current SEO plan. If you are in the lead, I want to watch for other competitors that may want to gain ranks on your SEO strategy.

We provide data at the level you need

SEO Audit Map

When I audit a website we pull a lot of information to get a strong view of how your website is doing and what factors are helping or holding a website back. You may not need all the data, but I have it ready, layered in a way that meets the needs of your organization. I Offer:

  • One Page Overview (High-level Overview)
  • Four Summary Pages - One for each of the facets I focus on
  • Vibrant Data in Formatted Reports - For quick presentation and review sessions
  • Detailed data files (CSV, Excel) to get into the weeds of what needs to be changed/improved or key factors that are leading to success.

I work with your existing web developer, content writer, and marketing team.

  • Provide Clear data on the level they need to make changes or improvements.
  • Code specific fixes - save time trying to troubleshoot errors
  • Keyword Research with suggestions for content to create.
  • Competitor Data and insights.

One Time SEO Audit Reports

I can perform a one-time SEO Audit and help your team understand where your website stands and work with you all to make a plan to improve results. For those with smaller teams, I can do the work for you.

Audit Report Pricing

Price is based on the size of the website and the number of competitors you request.

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White Label Audit Reports

If you are a Web Development Agency or Marketing Agency, I can offer these audits to help you refine your final deliverable to your client. I can work with your team to iron out the errors and help you provide a website that is SEO-friendly, right from the start. Special rates apply.

Monthly SEO Audit Support

If you make regular changes to your website and are actively working to improve your SEO results, having us as an SEO Audit Service allows you to receive objective 3rd party feedback regularly. I can work with your team to refine your SEO processes. We even develop SEO Standard Operating Procedures (SEO SOP) to help reduce future errors.

We offer our reports at a discounted price for monthly reporting and can supplement with consulting/work hours if needed.

Pricing Monthly SEO Audit Support

I only do monthly support after performing a one-time project. Monthly reporting starts as low as $500 per month for a website under 100 pages.

Audit Reports - Clear and Simple

My reports are clear and easy to read. If you are interested in having your website undergo an SEO Audit, drop me a line below.

Audit Reports - Peace of Mind

If you are already paying for SEO services or monthly website support services, these audits can show you how your vendors are doing. I've found about 40% of the websites under contract with other agencies are paying too much for too little.

I can provide these reports at a frequency that meets your needs.

White Label SEO Reports Monthly*

Do you have multiple clients that you want us to help you support? I can white label our reports using your company logo and information. I can scale pricing based on the number of clients and reports we need to generate. I can also combine consulting hours and packages to help you save.

*Minimum subscription service required.