SEO ROI Balancing Cost and Gain

SEO ROI (Return on Investment)

By Waymakerseo | April 2, 2021

What is SEO ROI? It’s Search Engine Optimization Return On Investment. Ideally, the benefit of the SEO service should outweigh the cost. Here are some thoughts about calculating the cost. Simple SEO ROI Formula: Change in # of visitors X Conversion Rate X Average Sale = Revenue Revenue from SEO…

Our Site Results

Waymaker SEO Agency: Year One

By Waymakerseo | March 30, 2021

I made it. One year as an SEO agency owner. The truth is, this is the second time being a digital marketing service provider. Learning from my past experience (over 10 years) and other consulting efforts, this definitely the first year strictly as an SEO Agency. What did I learn…

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO | Some tips

By Waymakerseo | March 9, 2021

WordPress SEO | Some Tips When it comes to WordPress SEO, there are a lot of options but I prefer Yoast SEO for my clients and for the DIY SEO folks. I love WordPress and all the cool functionality it provides. As a front-end developer and SEO strategist, this platform…

Fixing a website

Website SEO, You don’t need a new website.

By Waymakerseo | February 3, 2021

It is time for a new website? Concerned about Website SEO efforts? Recently I’ve talked to a few potential clients that are concerned about how their website is performing. They feel like the website is not doing well and there is something wrong. They are unsure how to pinpoint the…

Website SEO Audit to ID Leaky Bucket

Your Website is a leaky bucket | Website SEO Audit

By Waymakerseo | January 19, 2021

SEO Code Errors are like holes in a bucket After almost a year of being back into the SEO world, I’ve noticed a huge problem that seems to still be unaddressed. So many websites are still having a significant number of code errors on their website. These code errors reduce…

fishing for business

Being a Small Business Owner 2020

By Waymakerseo | January 5, 2021

Reflections on being a Business Owner Here we are. The end of 2020 and looking down the barrel of 2021. Being a business owner; running an SEO agency there are some interesting things that I’ve learned in the last few months. Business Ownership is tough There is no boss, there…

SEO is like a marathon

SEO Competitor Analysis

By Waymakerseo | December 31, 2020

Comeptitor Insight I thought I would share a few thoughts on competitors for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. That’s what I call SEO Competitor Analysis. I’ll frame this into a simile. Search Engine Optimization is like a marathon.  In a marathon, the goal is to get to the end. The…

Search Spider

Basics of SEO

By Waymakerseo | November 3, 2020

We made a video about the basics of SEO. Enjoy. Overview of our SEO Video We thought we start at the beginning and talk through why SEO is important and why people may need it. It starts with Search Engines crawling websites, sending back information to their servers. When users…

SEO Tip two point pencil

Two Tips to improve SEO

By Waymakerseo | October 29, 2020

With almost every client there is an “Ah-ha!” moment when we talk through the SEO process and what needs to be done to improve their website. These two tips are quick and easy ways to boost your SEO score. SEO Tip #1: Use Alt Tags Alt tags are a piece…

Keywords Ranking Report

SEO Keywords Ranking

By Waymakerseo | July 30, 2020

One of the largest facets of Organic SEO work is Keywords Ranking. You generally want your website to rank well for a range of keywords. This process is centered around using keywords in a strategic way to increase the chance that when someone enters a keyword into a search engine,…