One of the core elements of Search Engine Optimization for us, is a SEO Competitor Analysis service. Knowing how your website ranks compared to others in the market that use the same or similar keywords is important.

Search Engine Optimization is about out ranking other websites for particular search words or keywords.

What to expect from a Competitor Analysis

How we do our SEO Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis Overview

Based on what we have dealt with for over 10 years and our SEO report capabilities here is what we think you should know about SEO competitive analysis and should expect from a Competitor Analysis report.

    1. You need to know who you are competing with and how they are ranking better than your site. Domain age, backlinks, keyword usage, etc.
    2. Your need to know your direct and indirect online competitors. Your online competitors may be different than offline competitors. You need to know who is ranking well for keywords you are using on your website and the overlap or intersection rate for your keyword list.SEO COmpetitor AnalysisUnderstand the types of competition.
    3. You need to know the competition level, your websites placement, and traffic opportunity for your keyword list. Your keywords may lead you into competing for traffic that is highly competitive. You will need to up your game and either focus more intently on improving keyword density on your website, to gain rank, or consider pivoting to keywords that are less competitive.
    4. You need to understand projected traffic stats and competition for lower utilized keywords. Your keywords may be competing for low traffic keywords; they may or may not generate leads or conversions. If the keyword traffic is highly convertible to sales, you want to make sure you are leading the pack.
    5. You need to know if your keywords are too vague, competing against too many competitors. Your keywords may be utilized by multiple sectors and businesses representing different interests. If your keywords are too vague you may be competing for traffic against businesses or people from industries that don't sell a similar product or service. Ex: Consider the phrase " books" . If you sell used books, you could be competing against people that sell book writing services.Multiple competitors
    6. You need to know If your site is not associated with websites that your competitors are connected to that are valuable. Knowing your competitors backlinks is important. Look for intersections, that is websites that multiple competitors have linking to their websites.
    7. If Your direct competitors have keywords that you are not using. Know what keywords your competitors are using and analyze potential traffic. They may be using different keywords to describe their product or service in a new or unique way.


How to out rank your online competitors with Search Engine Optimization using a Competitor Analysis SEO report.

  1. Create a specific SEO strategy with keywords targeting specific markets. Use a keyword list that reaches that market. Use Keyword Research Report to identify best words to use.
  2. Tie your SEO efforts into your broader marketing efforts. Utilize your keywords across platforms and marketing channels. Target products and services that fit with online lead/prospect generation.
  3. Track your web stats using Analytics and leverage this to enhance your SEO strategy. You have access to real website traffic data you can use to validate or pivot your SEO strategy. Check your rankings regularly. Website ranks ebb and flow.
  4. Make changes slow and steady. If you are implementing an SEO strategy, don't change too much too fast.
  5. Stay focused, create or revise content that is keyword rich, improving the concentration and frequency of keyword use.
  6. Make better connections from reputable websites. Work at getting credible websites to backlink to yours in a strategic way. Identify sites your competitors are connected to and make the connection.
  7. As you build out your website make sure it is error free. Update your sitemap and ensure your websites being indexed properly.

These are several tips and suggestions we make when working with our clients.

SEO Competitor Analysis by Waymaker SEO:

  1. We use your keywords and show you competitors for your current list.
  2. We research your list of competitors you supply us and run ranking comparisons using #1.
  3. We research competitors keywords lists (used from #1 and #2) and compare ranks.
  4. We find a core competitor list and run a domain comparison.
  5. We rerun a backlink comparison on your competitors.
  6. We show you were the gaps are and how to close them.
  7. We run regular reports to show your rankings for your keyword mix. We also report on competitors efforts.

We can do a one time project or we can provide these reports on a regular basis. This allows us to watch for shifts in rankings. We also regularly check for new competitors, in case newer websites come on the scene.

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