Technical SEO: One stone multiple ripples

Technical SEO is one of the critical facets of SEO. If your website has broken links, files, missing images, or non-functioning components, it causes code errors and generally a diminished user experience. Search spiders can't crawl broken or missing info. Users don't like clicking on things that do not work or pulling up missing files.

One would think this would be reason enough to do Technical SEO. Well, there are a few more reasons.

Update External Links

Sometimes the external links to other sites break because the destination page has changed or the website has changed. It's good to refresh these links. It's a chance to update or refresh resources. If it's an affiliate link with potential revenue opportunities, if the product goes offline, you want to point to a new product.

Update Customer Journey and Call-to-Actions

This process applies to older pages. You may have pages that attract certain visitors or were part of an older sales process. These pages could have been a different part of a customer journey. Refresh these pages by adding specific call-outs, adding call to actions, or adding content that your target viewer sees and navigates to the "right part of the website."

Get Refresh Credit

When you freshen up old content, it signals that there has been an update to existing content. This content would be re-crawled and ideally re-indexed. The changes to the page should warrant a new look. Be sure to freshen up titles, sentences, bold and italic words. If you have to add or change some ideas, do so.

Some of my clients go back to old content, point to newer versions, or rewrite a more recent version.

Keep your site up to current web standards.

Sometimes the standards change. It's good to re-audit your site every few months, to keep the site up to date. There also may be some missing elements from the creation of the website. Ex: Alt texts tend to be missing on older websites. With newer ADA and WCAG.

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