Waymaker SEO 2024 Efforts

Here is a brief overview of what we are up to for 2024. 2023 was a very busy year, and we wanted to leverage that success to build the brand's resilience and improve the quality of work even further.


We are Officing in Downtown Tulsa

320 S Boston Exterior Doors

Art Decco District

It's a blend of the historic and the modern age. Our office is in one of the oldest buildings in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It currently holds the Bank of Oklahoma on the bottom floor, but the building has been home to various banks for over 100 years.

It's also part of the Tulsa underground tunnel network.

Our office is one among other professional services, including lawyers, CPAs, event companies, a large oil and gas company, and a cool architecture firm.


We updated some processes

Revised and Updated

We are always trying to update our processes and make them more effective or easier to communicate to our clients.

SEO goes through seasons of change, but the core of SEO remains pretty much the same.

With a sound strategy, the tactics you use can ebb and flow without negatively impacting your site.


SEO Methodology for SEO Audits and Consulting Services Map

We have improved reporting

Sample Dashboard Report

One Dashboard with Integrated Markeitng Metrics

We created a system for reporting SEO efforts and put the information into on-the-spot dashboards.

No more ruffling through several pages of reports, hand-made images pasted into Excel documents, or endless scrolling.

We can also integrate other data points from other sources.

We also add the goals to the dashboard so you can see how we are doing and where we are succeeding or need to improve.

Expanded Offerings

Details are coming in late 2024.

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