Creative Professionals Power Group

Professionally 2020 was a year filled with challenges and hardships, yet it was the beginning for us. We started offering our services leveraging the experiences from previous efforts. We saw the pivoting of many businesses to online efforts. Given our experience and background, we had a service that could add value and help our client's efforts.

We grew as the economy contracted.

Now for 2021, we want to leverage our growth and expand our influence and reach. We can't do this alone and focus our networking efforts on an intentional group of power partners.

The Pitch

We are looking for others in the digital marketing space with specific specialties. We are not looking for generalists; we want people that want to specialize and be known to be great at that "one thing."

We want to partner together to build our business and be a feedback group and lead source.

We are location agnostic and welcome anyone from any location in the US. We are based in Eugene, Oregon.

We are looking for

  • Graphic Designer - Love to create appealing and aesthetically pleasing visuals, adding value to messaging efforts.
  • Pay Per Click Specialist - Live, breathe, and excel at PPC advertising. Understand how to improve efficiency, track, and report out on efforts.
  • Social Media Specialist - Understand the strategy and implementation of Social Media and how to report on efforts.
  • Digital Marketing Strategist - Enterprise-level strategist who understands how to leverage digital marketing to achieve a firm's broader marketing plan and sales goals. Lead generation at its finest.
  • Web Developer (PHP and WordPress Programming/Coding). A guru of WordPress and its offerings, understanding the front-end and backend programming elements.
  • Content Writer - A wordsmith with research capacity and the ability to take complex concepts and explain them simply in words.
  • Photographer - Knows how to capture images that can say a million words.
  • Videographer -  Knows how to plan and execute videos that tell a compelling story.
  • Other Position - We are open to others that have a specialty we may have missed.

What this group will do

This is a Peer-to-Peer mentor group. We will meet twice monthly to talk about our efforts and help each other build our respective businesses. Some ideas:

  1. Review articles and Books to enhance our business development efforts.
  2. Provide Feedback on each other's marketing efforts.
  3. Provide leads as we can.
  4. Encourage each other and share best practices.
  5. Learn how to leverage each other to reach our goals.

Proposed Plan

  • We meet for 45 minutes twice a month.
  • Each person leads one of the meetings.
  • We review some relatable business practices. Either an article or chapter of a book.
  • We ask for 4 hours a month for the group. 1.5 hours for the meetings, and 2.5 hours to work on your business as part of this group.

Get Involved

If you know someone that would fit this group, or if you want to build your business up and have a specialty that fits our needs, we would love to have you.

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or if you are interested in being part of this group.