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Transform Your Website's Performance with Our Comprehensive SEO Audit

An SEO audit isn’t just about finding faults; it’s about uncovering opportunities and crafting a tailored strategy that prioritizes key improvements. By bringing to light the unknown and unaddressed, we set the stage for significant enhancements in your website's SEO health and overall digital marketing effectiveness

Identify opportunities, prioritize actions, and clear the path to enhanced online visibility and performance

Complex yet Essential: Although conducting an SEO audit may seem daunting due to its intricacy, it's a vital step in understanding the health of your website.
Expert Insights: Enlisting the help of seasoned SEO professionals can unveil your website's potential, shedding light on both strengths and areas needing attention.
Strategic Improvements: A skilled SEO expert can not only uncover valuable opportunities but also recommend pragmatic strategies to boost your site's search engine performance.
Optimal User Experience: Regular SEO audits guarantee your site remains finely tuned for search engine success, ensuring an optimal experience for your visitors.
Increased Traffic and Revenue: With professional guidance, an SEO audit can be a pivotal factor in driving enhanced traffic and revenue towards your website.

Think of an SEO audit as the essential diagnostic tool that digs deep into your website's current state, revealing the unseen barriers to your online success. With this comprehensive analysis, you're empowered to make informed decisions, systematically address critical issues, and optimize your site for both search engines and users alike.

Why Waymaker SEO for an SEO Audit?

Our Proven 4C Process

  • Prioritized Action Plan: We don’t just list issues; we provide a prioritized roadmap for addressing them, ensuring the most impactful changes are made first.
  • Beyond Surface-Level Analysis: Our audits delve into the technical, content, community, and competitive landscape to give you a 360° view of where you stand and where you need to go.
  • Continuous Improvement Framework: We see an audit as the beginning, not the end, setting you up for ongoing optimization and success."


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Code Analysis: Delve into the technical foundation of your site. We identify coding errors and missing elements that could be impeding your site's search engine visibility and performance.


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Content Strategy: Evaluate your site's content for its keyword diversity, the performance of currently ranked keywords, and the visibility of your pages in search results. This step ensures your content strategy aligns with your SEO goals.


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Community Building: Examine your site's backlink profile to assess the quality and impact of incoming links. This analysis helps in understanding how your link ecosystem supports or hinders your SEO performance.


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Competitive Landscape: Conduct a thorough analysis of your domain, direct, and topic competitors. We pinpoint competitive advantages through keyword and backlink gap analyses, equipping you with insights to navigate and excel in your industry.

We include audits as part of our regular SEO process. We use the SEO audit to create a Situation Analysis. This can be a one-time service or part of a broader SEO Service Plan.

If you are looking for an SEO provider, regularly check out Our SEO Methodology to see if Waymaker SEO is a good fit.

Full SEO Audit Deliverables

Elevate your site's search performance with our Waymaker SEO Audit Service, designed to quickly identify how you're ranking and where you can improve. Here's what you get:

Concise 7-Page Report: Detailed insights and actionable steps for better rankings.
Leadership Guides: Easy-to-follow references to lead your SEO strategy effectively.
Detailed Data: Comprehensive breakdowns in Excel and PDF for targeted improvements.
Collaborative Meetings: Two discussions to align on findings and next steps.
SEO Score Card: A quick glance at your current performance and areas to enhance.
30-60-90 Day Plan: A clear, step-by-step guide to boost your SEO efforts.
Fast Turnaround: Complete audit results within 30 days after accessing your data.

Simplify your path to SEO success with targeted insights and practical plans.

Website SEO Audit REport and Consultation

Want to speak to an SEO Audit Consultant?

Book a free 30-minute SEO consultation. We can have a simple conversation about your site, show you a few reports, and talk through options. You may not need to hire and SEO provider.

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When to Consider an SEO Audit

  • Low Organic Traffic: Not enough visitors from search engines? Your SEO might need a boost.
  • Falling Rankings: Seeing a drop in your search engine positions? It could be due to SEO issues.
  • High Bounce Rates: Visitors leaving too quickly? It's time to check your site's usability and content relevance.
  • Slow Website: A sluggish site can frustrate users and hurt your search rankings.
  • Low Conversion Rates: Struggling to turn visitors into customers? Your website's user experience or content strategy may need adjustments.
    Duplicate Content: Similar content across your site can confuse search engines and lower your visibility.
  • SEO Changes: Search engines update often. Stay ahead with regular audits to adapt to these changes.
  • SEO Strategy Uncertainty: Not sure if your SEO efforts are effective? An audit can provide clarity and direction.
  • Questioning SEO Service Quality: Wondering if your SEO provider is delivering? An audit can assess their performance and ensure you're getting your money's worth.

An SEO audit can pinpoint these issues and guide you toward actionable improvements.

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Need a Specific SEO Audit Report?

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Consultant

Discover and fix technical issues on your website that could be hurting your search rankings. Improving these can make your site easier to use and find.

Keyword Audit

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Evaluate your current keywords to see if they're working well and find new opportunities to attract more of the right visitors to your site.

Backlink Audit

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Check the links pointing to your website. We'll find any bad links that could be damaging your rankings and identify good link opportunities to strengthen your SEO.

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See what your competitors are doing right and how you can do it better. Our analysis gives you insights to edge out the competition.

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