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SEO Audit Service

An SEO audit will help you establish a baseline for your website, verify what is working, what Is broken and missing, and what can be improved. Like getting a complete check-up on your car, an SEO audit should check every facet of your website related to SEO. Some common reasons why an SEO Audit is helpful:

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Signs you may need and Audit:

  • Low organic traffic: If a website is not generating much organic traffic from search engines, it may indicate issues with the site's SEO that need to be addressed.
  • Declining search engine rankings: If a website's rankings have been declining over time, it may indicate that technical or content issues are negatively impacting its SEO.
  • High bounce rates: If a website has high bounce rates, it may indicate that visitors are not finding the information they are looking for or experiencing usability issues.
  • Slow loading times: If a website takes too long to load, it may negatively impact user experience and search engine rankings.
  • Poor conversion rates: If a website is not converting visitors into leads or customers, it may indicate issues with its user experience or content.
  • Content duplication issues: If a website has problems with duplicate content, it may negatively impact its search engine rankings and user experience.
  • Changes in the search engine algorithm: If there have been changes to the search engine algorithm, it may impact a website's rankings, and it may be necessary to conduct an SEO audit to identify areas for improvement.
  • Unsure of your current SEO efforts: Conducting an audit of an SEO service provider can help ensure that they are following best practices and adhering to ethical standards. This can help to avoid penalties and maintain the integrity of your website.
  • Unsure of the effectiveness of their services: An audit can help evaluate the effectiveness of an SEO service provider's services, including their strategy, tactics, and overall approach. This can help determine whether they meet your goals and provide a good investment return.
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Full SEO Audit Deliverables:

The SEO Audit Service will help you know what factors are using your website to rank well, and what elements could be improved to rank better. You may be wondering if you need an audit. Here are a few reasons why you may want Waymaker SEO Audit Service.

  • 5-page report with details, clear data, and objectives for improvement.
  • In-depth data parsed out into Excel and PDF versions of data and information.
  • Weekly meetings to discuss efforts and engage in feedback.
  • SEO Score Card for Quick Reference
  • 30-60-90 Day Plan - A simple roadmap to improve your SEO Efforts

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Why Waymaker SEO for an SEO Audit?

Our Proven 4C Process

I have dealt with dozens of clients trying to solve the puzzle of how to improve their website search results. I offer an objective analysis of how your website is performing in 4 areas:


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What errors and missing information is holding your website back?


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I check your website for its current keyword mix, currently ranked words, and pages that are ranked.


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I check your backlinks and evaluate the quality of these links.


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I check your domain competitors, direct competitors, and topic competitors and identify competitive factors. I also do a keyword and backlink GAP analysis.

I include audits as part of our regular SEO process. I use the SEO audit to create a Situation Analysis. This can be a one-time service or part of a broader SEO Service Plan.

If you are looking for an SEO provider, regularly check out Our SEO Methodology to see if Waymaker SEO is a good fit.

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Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Consultant

A Technical SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of a website's technical infrastructure to identify any issues that may negatively impact a website's search engine rankings.. Businesses can improve their website's user experience, search engine rankings, and overall SEO success by addressing these issues.

Keyword Audit

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A keyword SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of a website's keyword strategy to identify the effectiveness of current targeting and opportunities for improving targeting. By optimizing a website's keyword strategy, businesses can improve their search engine rankings and drive more targeted traffic to their site.

Backlink Audit

Baclink Audit Image

A backlink audit is a detailed analysis of a website's backlink profile, including the quantity, quality, and anchor text used in the links. This audit helps identify toxic backlinks that may harm a website's search engine rankings and opportunities to improve the backlink profile. Includes a list of positive backlinks and other types of backlinks.

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Understanding your competitors is crucial in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. Our SEO Competitor Analysis, a key component of our Four C process, reveals how rivals succeed and how you can outperform them. As we work alongside you, we provide holistic insights for your website to excel.

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