Search Engine Optimization is a marathon. When one starts SEO efforts essentially they are actively trying to optimize their website so search engines index regularly, using content as the basis for the search results pages. We believe the code has to straightened out, then work on content and backlinks. We provide monthly services and provide clear reporting data. SEO efforts generally take 3 months to take effect. 

SEO Service Packages - 1 month or 3 month project

We offer to extend our SEO process over 3 months. This allows the website to improve a little every week and does not create drastic changes to the website. We do this in 3 phases:

Phase 1: We audit the site, and Tacking, and establish a base line. We start with the code edits, and begin keyword research

Phase 2:  Keyword Implementation and Content Edits, Create Backlink Strategy

Phase 3:  Implement changes to advancing keywords, Start backlink campaign


Monthly Monitoring - 3 month contract

We can provide you detailed reports on a weekly or monthly basis. We allot time for meetings at a frequency you choose. We add support time to the project as needed.

We track the following and report out:

  1. Keyword Rankings - Follow your keyword list and check ranks regularly.
  2. Competitor Rankings Comparison - We check your keywords ranking against our competitors ranking for the same words.
  3. Keyword History - We check your rankings and show you which pages are ranking well for those keywords. We also show you variations in rank over time for each word.
  4. Backlink Details (Monthly)- We Monitor your sites backlink progress over time.
  5. Organic Website Traffic  -  We provide detailed reporting on your organic traffic efforts which can include your Google Analytics and Google Search Console information.
  6. Site Audit - If you are updating your website regularly, we can audit your site for new potential errors.
  7. Keyword Research (Monthly) - We can provide you with your keyword list and show you search volumes, potential conversions, competition level, and estimated PPC costs. You can use this to pivot to higher searched words, lower completion words, or as a benchmark for PPC costs.

Monthly SEO Support

Sometimes sites are so large and complex they require a longer runway to get the site to perform well online. We offer bundles of our time at a discount hourly rate for monthly packages that extended beyond our initial service contract. 

We can continue to make edits to the website, optimize old content, create and refine new content, and work at build backlinks to your website. 

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