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Search Engine Optimization is a continuous journey, and our Monthly SEO Services ensure you stay ahead in the race. We also offer flexible monthly support plans designed to provide the essential services you need, all at an affordable SEO price.

SEO is a Marathon

At Waymaker SEO, we embrace the philosophy that Search Engine Optimization is a marathon, not a sprint. Our monthly SEO Service allows businesses to maintain their SEO efforts. We also provide the option to transition our services into a monthly support plan, delivering the essential support needed at an affordable SEO price.

Start off right

When a business commences its SEO efforts, it actively optimizes its website to ensure regular indexing by search engines. Content forms the bedrock of search engine result pages, making it crucial. In this regard, we highly recommend initiating your SEO strategy with a comprehensive Full SEO Audit.

Start at the Beginning

At Waymaker SEO, we maintain the philosophy that a pristine codebase is the first step to success, followed by a focus on content and backlinks. Our service offerings are structured every month, accompanied by transparent reporting data. It's important to note that SEO endeavors' effects typically manifest within approximately three months.

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Your journey to SEO success begins here. At Waymaker SEO, we understand that your needs are unique, and our commitment to excellence drives us to provide tailored solutions just for you. We're here to help you achieve your SEO objectives. Contact Us.

Monthly SEO Service Deliverables

At Waymaker SEO, we provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of benefits when they choose our monthly SEO service contracts. Here's what you can expect:

SEO reports and Analysis

Regular Rank Tracking Reports

Gain deep insights into your website's performance with our regular rank tracking reports. Stay informed about keyword rankings, page rankings, and more, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

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Regular Meetings

Collaboration is key to success. We conduct regular meetings to ensure your SEO efforts remain active and dynamic. During these sessions, we discuss tasks, analyze data, and plan future strategies, ensuring your SEO campaign is always on the right track.

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Monthly SEO Scorecard

Receive a detailed SEO scorecard that highlights various critical elements. Our scorecard provides a comprehensive view of your SEO performance, allowing you to focus on what matters most. We measure multiple metrics to ensure our reporting is data-driven and actionable.

Monthly SEO Service Pricing

Basic SEO Support

$ 1,500 per month
  • Get monthly Reports, bi-monthly meetings, and a monthly scorecard.
  • Great for smaller websites with less then 1K keywords a month, and fewer then 500 pages on a website.
  • One SEO Ready blog article per month
  • Two 45 minute meetings a month
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Standard SEO Support

$ 1,750 per month
  • Get Monthly Reports, Bi-Monthly Meetings, and a Monthly Socrecard
  • Great for medium size websites with 1K - 5K kewyords, and 500 - 2K pages
  • Additonal Customizable Reports as needed
  • 2 SEO Ready Blog Posts per month

Enterprise SEO

$ 2,250 + per month
  • Get meetings at a frequency you need from weekly to every 2 weeks. Reports once a month, and a Monthly Scorecard
  • Great for large websites with over 5K keywords, and over 2K pages
  • Additonal Customizable Reports as needed
  • Addtional Support Hours as needed
  • Contact me for more details
  • 3 SEO Ready blog posts per month

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Additional Pricing Options

3 phase SEO support

At Waymaker SEO, we believe in flexibility and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Here's how our pricing works:

  1. Transparent Pricing: While we provide ballpark prices for our services, the final cost depends on several factors. These factors include how frequently you want information, the need for additional support hours, or specific reports.
  2. Multi-Site Discounts: We understand that managing multiple websites can be challenging. That's why we offer generous discounts for multi-site monthly SEO service packages. With us, you can receive top-notch support for all your websites at a discounted rate.
  3. Customized Solutions: We recognize that every website is different, and your requirements may vary. Therefore, all our prices are subject to change, as we aim to provide you with a tailored solution that suits your specific site and needs.

Monthly Monitoring - 3-month contract

Monthly SEO Service Tracking

"At Waymaker SEO, we offer comprehensive reporting services to our clients, tailored to their preferred frequency, whether weekly or monthly. We also accommodate meetings at a schedule of your choosing, allowing flexibility in our support.

We track the following and report out:

Our tracking and reporting encompass the following:

  1. Keyword Rankings: We diligently monitor and report on the performance of your chosen keywords, providing regular updates on their rankings.
  2. Competitor Rankings Comparison: We analyze your site's keyword rankings in comparison to those of your competitors, offering insights into your competitive landscape.
  3. Keyword History: We provide historical data on your keyword rankings, showcasing which pages excel for specific keywords and highlighting rank fluctuations over time.
  4. Backlink Details (Monthly): We closely monitor your website's backlink progress, providing monthly reports to track improvements.
  5. Organic Website Traffic: Our detailed reporting includes comprehensive insights into your organic traffic efforts, encompassing data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  6. Code Audit: For websites undergoing regular updates, we conduct code audits to identify potential errors and areas for improvement.
  7. Keyword Research (Monthly): We offer monthly keyword research services, delivering your keyword list and valuable data such as search volumes, potential conversions, competition levels, and estimated PPC costs. This data empowers you to make informed decisions, whether you wish to pivot towards higher-searched terms, lower-competition keywords, or benchmark your PPC costs.
  8. Check for New Ranked Words: As your website evolves with fresh content or improved existing material, it may start ranking for terms not originally targeted. We keep a keen eye on these developments.
  9. Check for New Competitors: The competition can intensify in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We continuously monitor emerging competitors and provide regular reports on their SEO efforts, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

SEO Projects Extended into Monthly Services

At Waymaker SEO, we offer the option to extend any of our SEO processes over a span of three months. This strategic approach allows your website to experience gradual and continuous improvement, avoiding sudden and drastic changes. Here's how we implement this extended service in three phases:

Phase 1: Baseline Establishment In the initial phase, we conduct a comprehensive site audit, introducing essential tracking mechanisms such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We aim to establish a clear baseline for your website's performance. This phase primarily focuses on code edits (Technical SEO) and on-page SEO enhancements. Concurrently, we commence keyword research to optimize your content effectively.

Phase 2: Content Optimization During the second phase, we focus on implementing targeted keywords and optimizing your website's content. Simultaneously, we devise a strategic backlink plan to enhance your website's authority and reputation.

Phase 3: Advancing Keywords and Building Backlinks In the final phase, we execute changes to advance your keyword rankings and initiate a robust backlink campaign. Throughout these phases, we maintain weekly reporting to establish performance baselines and demonstrate the tangible effects of our efforts through analytics and data tracking.

At Waymaker SEO, gradual and methodical improvements yield the best long-term results. Our three-phase approach ensures that your website steadily climbs the SEO rankings while providing you with transparent insights into the transformation process. We are committed to delivering results you can witness and measure

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