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Waymaker SEO Benefits

More Clarity

We clarify how your site is doing, what changes need to be made, and how to make changes. All with clear data-rich reports. We also teach you how to measure results with 3rd party tools.

Better Traffic

Ranks are great, but how about ranking for keywords that convert to leads and customers? We help you find and test words with higher intent and better alignment with your conversion strategy.

Save Time

We work fast and efficiently using proven processes. We can do the data crunching, improvements, and content creation, saving you time and energy. We can also help you direct your internal SEO efforts.

New to SEO?

If you are new to SEO, I have created guides and resources to help you learn more about SEO. I'm easy going and work with you to help you understand the process and how to get results.

You will know more about SEO without having to be an expert.

Waymaker SEO Guides you through the SEO Process.

As guides, we walk with businesses along the SEO journey, consulting business and marketing teams on engaging in their SEO efforts. We start with an SEO Audit,  provide data and dashboards and work with you to develop a plan. Along our journey, we share our processes,  data, and reports. Our clients can see the work and we progress toward your SEO goals.

Our main style is to be a "work with you" provider or a "Do it with You" (DIWY) provider. This means we spend time talking through options and parsing out work. We can do tasks requiring more Technical SEO work, showing the hows and whys. We also offer a wide range of SEO services.

SEO Services

SEO Audit &
Improvement Plan

Get a comprehensive SEO audit that will provide you with a baseline for SEO ranks, ability, and capacity to grow. Our Audits cover Code, Content, Community (Backlinks), and Competitor Analysis. Each Audit comes with a clear report with data and a 30-60-90 day plan. We walk through the audit and help you make an executable SEO plan.

SEO Support

We run weekly reports and check rank progress. Each month, we meet a few times, and we refresh new keywords, compare with competitors, and report on the site's progress. Leveraging these reports, we make modifications to our work plan. You will know what we are working on, why, and the expected results.

Copywriting & Content Creation

One of the largest facets of SEO is creating content that aligns with your broader marketing efforts and has SEO value. We can help you tweak your content to increase its SEO value, and create new content that will help your SEO efforts, and repurpose other content into SEO-ready website content.

SEO Ready Website Redesign

Are you looking for a new website that is SEO-ready and enabled from the beginning? How about a clear structure, clear call-to-actions, and a clean layout that loads fast and is mobile-ready, converting traffic to qualified leads? We can build and/or rebuild it.

Looking for Something Specific?

Our Values

  1. Authentic Partnerships: We build genuine, value-driven relationships that transcend contracts.
  2. Industry Excellence: Our services reflect best practices, ensuring reliability and expertise.
  3. Transparent Integrity: From ethical practices to open sharing of data and processes, we cultivate trust and clarity.
  4. Data-Driven Decisions: Every strategy is informed by comprehensive research, ensuring effective, informed outcomes.
  5. Holistic Empowerment: We offer multifaceted SEO strategies and empower clients with knowledge for continuous improvement.
Monthly SEO Service Tracking

Contact Us

We can answer questions and provide some preliminary data and information. We have worked in various industries for businesses with higher-ticket products/services.

No Obligation: We want to deliver value ahead of selling our service.

Free 15 Minute Consultation

We can answer questions and provide some preliminary data and information. We have worked in various industries for businesses with higher-ticket products/services.

No Obligation: We want to deliver value ahead of selling our service.

SEO is my skill, and Helping People is my Passion

Joshua with suit

Elevate your online presence with Waymaker SEO, where our founder's passion for SEO since 2007 combines with a proven track record. Our approach? Simple yet effective – focusing on the Four Facets: Code, Content, Community, and Competitors. This strategy isn't just about increasing traffic and conversions; it's about making SEO transparent and manageable.

We demystify SEO with clear, data-driven strategies and hard work, ensuring you're always in the loop. Our processes, honed over the years, are designed to be straightforward and collaborative, making complex SEO tasks approachable.

Choose Waymaker SEO for a partnership grounded in clarity and effectiveness. Dive into our tailored SEO Audits and Reporting, where we communicate regularly and clearly, guiding you every step of the way.

Ready to transform your site's SEO with a transparent, collaborative approach? Explore Our Services or Get in Touch now and start your journey toward digital success with Waymaker SEO.

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Industries Served

We have experience in over 20 industries, from small businesses to mid-market brands, from non-profits to higher education institutions. Learn more about the industries served, our successes, and the challenges for each industry.

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