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Welcome to Waymaker SEO, where I help businesses make a way for their websites to better connect with people looking for their products/services/solutions, through the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We help people along the SEO journey as a guide, consulting business, and marketing teams on how to engage in their own SEO efforts. If your new to SEO, Learn some basics about SEO.

SEO Audit Services

I can provide you a detailed audit of your website, with summaries, looking at 4 areas; Code, Content, Community, and Competitors. I evaluate your SEO efforts and advise on how to improve your site. Data and reports are provided at the level of details you and your team need.

SEO Audit Service

SEO Provider Services

Looking for an SEO provider to help with a specific SEO project? My skills includes the following: Audits, Analytics, Backlink Strategy,  Content Planning, Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, Technical SEO, and Search Console. Project and Monthly Rates Available.

Affordable SEO Pricing

"Work WIth You" Consultant

I am a flexible SEO service provider that shares my insights, processes, and teaches clients as I work to SEO their websites. It's my job, and your opportunity to learn how to improve your website. I show my clients what needs to be done, why it's important, and how to keep going.

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SEO is my skill, Helping People is my Passion

J Monge

I show businesses how to improve their website, through Search Engine Optimization efforts, so the website can be found by potential customers who are already searching for the product, service, or solution the business provides.

I've been doing SEO works since 2007 and working with the same powerful reporting software since 2104, renewing my license every year. The processes and strategies I use have been developed over the years and meet SEO best practices and standards.

I follow a simple SEO Strategy working in 4 Facets; Code, Content, Community, and Competitors. My processes are clear and easy to follow, all working towards increasing organic traffic and improving conversion rates.

There is no black box, just clear data, strong strategy, and hard work. I can work with, and for, your team to achieve SEO success.  My processes include strategic development and implementation.

I try to make complex things simple.

If you want an SEO provider that provides a clear audit, reporting, communicates regularly, and clearly articulates how to improve your site, I would love to help.

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"Working with Joshua is like collaborating with a good friend.  His easy-going manner, partnered with his knowledge and experience made the project a pleasurable experience.
Thanks for doing business your way!"

"From the beginning, I was impressed by Joshua’s professionalism, attitude and ability to deliver on all the tasks in which we had agreed upon. He was very patient and helpful in helping me navigate my project. His communication was top-notch, he met all deadlines, and his skills to get the job done were very strong. I really enjoyed working with him. If I had the opportunity to work with him again, I would do so without hesitation."

- Carmen |

“Joshua Monge's refreshing approach provided us with a detailed explanation of our website’s performance and pitfalls and included us in every step of the website optimization process. We have increased our traffic overall in a very short amount of time and most importantly gained major traction in attracting the traffic most relevant to our business plan. We are very happy with the improvements we’ve been able to gain as well as the internal knowledge that we now have about SEO thanks to CTG’s dedicated service and coaching.”

- Kim |

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