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We wanted to put together a collection of SEO Blog Posts, ideas, and thoughts for people to read through. We hope you find something useful and get a sense of who we are and how we think.

Please enjoy.

Results are not what was expected

SEO Challenge: Ranking, No conversions

By Joshua Monge | July 8, 2022

One of the significant challenges in SEO is working hard to improve ranks to get to a place where there…

Strategy and Tactics working together

Meta SEO – Strategy and Tactics

By Joshua Monge | May 13, 2022

Some thoughts on high level SEO approach I enjoy thinking about SEO and how to be better at the practice,…

SEO Audit Service Blocks

SEO Audit Service Guide

By Joshua Monge | November 30, 2021

A Guide to an SEO Audit Service and How They Help Your Website Rank Higher in Search Multiple techniques help…

Keyword Reporting

Keyword Reporting Tool Guide & Why They are Important for Marketers

By Joshua Monge | November 30, 2021

A Guide to Keyword Reporting Tools and Why They are Important for Marketers Introduction: What is a Keyword Reporting Tool?…

Calculating SEO Success

Keyword Targeting Quality Score

By Joshua Monge | October 25, 2021

This post will purpose a “back of the envelope calculation” to create an additional baseline to measure your SEO efforts,…

Hire a Content Writer Provider Image

Hiring a Content Writer

By Joshua Monge | October 20, 2021

Hiring a content writer; some thoughts Hiring a content writer is one of the foundational elements of SEO. Essentially the content…

Drop in the water Technical SEO Benefits

Technical SEO: One stone multiple ripples

By Joshua Monge | October 20, 2021

Technical SEO is one of the critical facets of SEO. If your website has broken links, files, missing images, or…

Clubhouse SEO Fundamentals 10-19-21

By Joshua Monge | October 19, 2021

Each week I participate with SEO’s from around the world to moderate a room in Clubhouse called SEO Fundamentals. This…

Club House SEO Fundamentals: 10-12-21

By Joshua Monge | October 12, 2021

Here is a sample of some of the questions from this week’s room. The ideal SEO plan aligns with your…

Club House SEO Fundamentals 10-05-21

By Joshua Monge | October 5, 2021

My apologies I did not get a complete account of this day’s question. Two questions did stand out. There are…