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Admittedly this page was difficult to put together because I don't like "making a big deal" of my work. I want to do the work and help focus on helping people learn how to SEO their websites. Suppose they like what I do and want to refer me; great. But I know SEO Testimonials and Case Studies are essential.

However, there are always best practices and suggested ways to help demonstrate value and ability. I can write pages and pages of content, but it's nice to hear it from people that do not have a motivation other than the express their success and satisfaction.

Asking people to write up something feels a little cheesy. Fortunately, I had a few folks that were more than eager to write an SEO Testimonial.

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Ryan William Klute

Joshua and his firm, Convergent Thinking Group, have helped me and my company in more ways than I could have ever anticipated when I first hired him for some pretty straight-forward SEO work on our outdated website.

Contractors are great, but it has been rare for me to really feel like you are finding a true and genuine collaborator when you hire outside of your organization. But I know how lucky I am to have such a skilled collaborator in Joshua and his investment in his time and resources into my business.

I am the director of communications for a sizable trade school, and my position oversees not just online activities, but how my school is presented and perceived by the world, as a whole. Joshua has helped me with far more than just the initial SEO work, but rather has continued on to help me make a plan to build and grow my organization. I quickly learned that not only does he possess high-level skills when it comes to optimizing a website for organic search, he also has many more talents and expertise in business development, which he has proven to be an invaluable resource.

Joshua has also been great at helping me identify areas of my business that could be improved upon outside of his skill-set, and then has been able to make introductions for me with other professionals that have been able to help me achieve these goals, as well. I appreciate his professional style and the way he communicates about the work he is doing. He is both ‘show AND tell’ when it comes to presenting the data that he carefully collects, curates, and breaks-down to me at our regular check-ins. He takes the time to explain the data sets to me in clear language and has always been very patient, even when I most likely have more questions than his average client.

I have full and complete trust in the work Joshua does for my organization and have truly appreciated how he has helped me plan and execute the goals for taking my school to the next level, all from the data he has been able to collect for me.

It is difficult to hire a person you don’t know from the internet, and even more challenging to find a person who has the skill-set they claim to possess. And then in addition, for them to be able to communicate clearly and regularly on the agreed upon deliverables. If you are at a place in your business where you know that you are ready for what’s next, you are ready to grow, or to really step up and position yourself as a leader in your market and your industry, then I strongly encourage you to hire Joshua and Convergent Thinking Group to help get you there.

I am lucky to have him as a collaborator in my business and I am confident you will feel the same way.

Ryan William Klute

Nikki Torday

Josh helped me solve a problem I was stuck on for weeks. He gave me extra things I needed to work on, and I am so appreciative of that

Nikki Torday

Mitch Rowan

Joshua and his team have been an excellent partner for Rowan Hall Interiors. They have greatly enhanced our website design, content, and SEO results. The significant traffic and engagement increases have far exceeded our expectations. We love working and partnering with Waymaker SEO!

Mitch Rowan

What makes Waymaker SEO Different?

There are a few things that make us different:

  1. The Methodology: We take a comprehensive approach to SEO work. No silver bullets, just data, hard work, and processes that generate success. Read more about our Methodology
  2. My Answer to "Why SEO is important": I started the SEO journey when I use to code websites starting in 2007. I created an infographic trying to explain in the simplest way.  Read Why SEO is Important.
  3. Waymaker SEO Values: How you deliver a product or service is just as important as what you are delivering and the success it should bring. Read about Waymaker SEO Values.
  4. I teach people how to manage their SEO efforts: Fixing the website and setting it up for success is awesome, but ensuring that website owners/managers can keep the work going in perpetuity is better.
  5. It's about data and proven processes: I start with an audit, tell you what is working and can be improved. Then we plan changes, then make changes, then re-run reports. You can see what was changed and know why we changed it. After some time you should start seeing results.

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