SEO Methodology: How I SEO.

Even the most complex systems can be explained simply. You lose some of the nuances, but one should be able to communicate the gist of what one is trying to do and accomplish.

I created a flowchart to show how Search Engines Index your site, and how my Methodology addresses this system.

Why SEO is Very Important

My SEO Methodology

I have created a systematic approach to Search Engine Optimization.

Code: If the code is problematic, they may delay indexing, take longer to index your site, or simply index the parts they can access. Run a Code Audit, Fix the Errors.

Content: Have a keyword strategy that includes implementing keywords per page. Write the content in a readable way that also uses the keywords. Keyword Audit for optimization levels. Research keywords and choose the best options.

Community: Identity which websites are best to associate with and pursue backlinks. They should be in your industry and have a value other than their domain value.

Competitors: Know what the completion is like for specific keywords and phrases. Know what strategies and connections competitors have and leverage that information for your SEO plan.

Clicks: I didn't cover this option above but it is worth mentioning. Having a site search engine optimized, with a strong keyword list, can save you money on your pay-per-click options. The more relevant the ad the lower the PPC cost.

Search Engines are Actively Crawling

People use the internet every day to find things they are looking for either to consume (like reading stories or watching videos), to participate in (like social media posts/ play games), or to find products/services that solve a need.

There are so many websites on the internet, there are companies that actively try to sort and index them all. These companies act as intermediaries for people looking online. They allow you to search for things on their website and they show you a list of websites they think fit your search. These companies use tons of data points to try to figure out how to show you the best results. They make money from having your eyeballs using their search engine, and the clicks people make on the page results.

So if they make money from the clicks, they need to have the right information on the back end. This is why search engine optimization is important. These programs are actively crawling and indexing websites. If your site is not optimized, you are missing out on being properly indexed and may not show up in search results for specific searched phrases.

My SEO Methodology and Your Website Competitiveness

There are many reasons for creating a website; It can be a glorified marketing piece reinforcing an offline effort, it can be a platform for existing customers to get additional information, and it can also be a lead generation source for your business. Whatever your goal for having a website, it is on the internet and is competing for attention.

If your website is not optimized for search, it is missing out on the latter component of lead generation.  If this isn't important you can skip the rest of this page.

If you want your site to generate business leads or help with the lead generation process, then please read on.

Online/Digital Competition Is Complex

There are several factors that search engines use to determine a website page's place for specific keywords. They are very complex. The challenge is that it's not just businesses that are competing online for specific keywords. There are information websites, other lead generation tools, directory sites, and people that hobby in a particular field to name a few. You are literally competing for attention against multiple competitors.

Read our outlook on SEO Analysis: Online Competitors.

How to Compete in SEO

  1. Understand the mechanics of the search engine spider process (see above). Basically, they crawl a website and take the information back to the search database. How much information Search Engines index and which Keywords they associate with your website depends on how well they can crawl your website. This is the first step, and why I say CODE is important as part of a broader SEO.
  2. Understand the process of how search spiders index your website. They crawl through your content and are looking for ways to associate your website with specific keywords and phrases. Have a keyword strategy that maps out to each page of your website. Use keyword-optimized content on your website. Identify which words are searched and write content that uses those words. Make sure it is still readable by humans.
  3. Understand how connectivity works online. Have your website associated with similar sites with higher values. Just like high school, a lot of reputation is by association. If your site is connected to other sites and your site is seen as a positive element in a cluster, your site will rank better.
  4. Understand where your competitors are and how they are competing with you. Run an analysis of your competitors and determine what factors are contributing to their ranks. Mirror some of those strategies in your unique way.

Next Steps

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