Free SEO Consultation with an SEO Consultant (15 minutes)

For a Free SEO Consultation Take a few minutes to answer a few questions and I will get in contact to schedule an appointment.

I will follow up with a link to my scheduling program. You can pick a time that fits your schedule.

The more thorough the answer the better I can help.



Free SEO ConsultationFree SEO Consultation Details

I will take some time and look at your site and see if there are apparent changes that need to be made to your website. Sometimes I find things that are working really well, and sometimes I find obvious elements that are holding back your SEO efforts.

Here is what I look for with our Free SEO Consultation:

  • Code Review: I look for errors and will show you what we find.
  • Content: I look at your site and the words associated with your site, and check keywords rank. (Limited)
  • Community: A snapshot look at your backlinks (Limited)
  • Competitors: We will take a quick look at your competitors and suggest a few sites to compare. (Limited)
  • I look for best practices to share with you so you can know why SEO may be of value to your website.

What I don't do for our Free consultation:

  • Ask for logins or ask for data I can't find myself
  • I don't tell you what to do. I make suggestions.
  • No selling. I want to demonstrate our skills and expertise.
  • Reuse your data and information.

The Purpose of the Free Consultation

I want to make sure anyone we potentially work with is a good fit. My process is a "work with you" process. I don't have a black box, there are no hacks or tricks, I just use data and hard work as part of my strategy and execution.

If you want to grow your website's organic search results in a way that fits with your broader marketing plans and efforts, that's what I do.