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Yep, I'm a senior-level SEO consultant in Eugene, specializing in teaching businesses how to SEO their own websites. I want to help businesses optimize their websites to attract the right kind of traffic at an affordable price.

I believe websites are a business asset that operates 24/7 as part of a broader marketing strategy. Website owners should have insights into how their website is performing (i.e., traffic stats), where web traffic is coming from, and how their website is helping fuel the sales funnel.

Our overhead costs are lower based in Eugene, and we pass those savings onto our clients and agencies we work with. We truly want to help people get their websites optimized, making the internet a little more organized and our clients skilled.

If your website is underperforming, or you don’t have timely data on how your website is performing, I can help.

Our Story

I have been designing websites since 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona, using semantic mark-up and clean code. Over the years, the websites I  built gravitated to the top of search engines.

For the last 10 years in Los Angeles, California, I have honed what has made these sites successful into a process that is clear and easy to follow.

As of 2020, I am a Eugene SEO Expert based in Eugene, Oregon, creating a brand with my proven Search Engine Optimization process. This work is one facet of Convergent Thinking Group (

How I SEO | Our Passion

Aligning Search Engine Optimization with your broader marketing efforts

Search Engine Optimization allows your website to be in alignment with your marketing goals. By optimizing your website for Search Engines, you are improving the chances of gaining users in the market for your product or service. Using keyword optimization, you can funnel active web users at various stages of the sales process.

The Right Kind of Traffic

  • Potential customers that are seeking an immediate product/service/solution to a known problem/need. (High intent)
  • Potential Prospects that are comparing solutions/products/services and businesses to a known problem/need. (Low Intent)
  • Potential Leads trying to understand/define an unknown problem/need, and you have the solution/product/service. (Unknown Intent)

My SEO Philosophy

I believe that the key to proper SEO work is working a multi-prong approach.

  • Good Code: Clean and Minimal Errors (Improves Indexing)
  • Good Content: Keyword Focused (Improves Traffic)
  • Good Community: Link Building (Improve Referrals)
  • Good Competition: Competitive Analysis (Improves Competitiveness)
  • Good Clicks: Google Adwords Management (Improves ROI)

I have the expertise and tools to help your website perform better.

Affordable SEO Consultant Services

There are a lot of SEO providers out there. They charge premiums for services and offerings that may not provide much value. I want to ensure that we provide value at every level of my service offerings. If you want my services and are in alignment with my process, please contact me.

If you are budget constrained, I can talk through options to ensure I deliver a service that helps and provides value. I even have free resources to point you to to start "priming the pump."

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Data/Report Driven

Our process includes regular detailed reports with recommendations and suggestions based on best practices. We share these reports with you, so you can see what changes we suggest and why they are needed.

Learn More about SEO reports

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Focus on Fundamentals

We do not take shortcuts, we follow current standards for design and search optimization. We bring your site into alignment with Search Engines expectations. No cheap tricks, just hard work.

Learn more about Our Values and Our Processes

Mapping out SEO

Team Player
Goal Focused

No egos, we work with your team, your vendors, or whomever you wish to get this work completed. We focus on what needs to get done and work to your best interest.

Learn more about how we can work with your team. Our Process

Search for Web Traffic

Our Goals

  • Help your website attract the right website users to your website, by optimizing the website, following search engine standards, relevant and timely data, and best practices with some hard work.
  • Improve your website's performance, as part of your broader marketing plan, with minimally invasive changes, efficient processes, and clear communication.
  • Provide a service that is easy to use, scales to our client's needs, and builds a referral base to allow us to continue doing what we love.

Our Case Studies 

Our Methodology

What other say:

We have helped a few folks over the last year achieve some great results. We are working on building up our brand. Here are some links to what others have to say.

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Meet the Team

Yes, there are humans behind the process. We are here to help you get the Search Engine Optimization Results you desire.

E Monge

Dr. Erica Monge-Greer

Chief Facilitator and Co-Owner

Dr. Erica is a Co-owner of Convergent Thinking Group, and a former newspaper editor. Her under graduate degree is in Business and has been a consultant for over 10 years.

J Monge Eugene SEO Expert

Joshua Monge

Co-Owner, Senior SEO Expert

Co-owner of Convergent Thinking Group with a degree in Economics. Joshua has a mind for analysis and process development. Recently worked as an economic development officer, leveraging his experience as a consultant.



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