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SEO Expert Tulsa, OK

Yep, I'm a senior-level SEO consultant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializing in teaching businesses how to SEO their websites. I want to help companies optimize their websites to attract the right kind of traffic at an affordable price. I work with clients across the United States and Canada.

Websites are a business asset that operates 24/7 as part of a broader marketing strategy. Website owners should have insights into how their website performs (i.e., traffic stats), where web traffic comes from, and how their website is helping fuel the sales funnel.

Starting in Eugene, Oregon, and now based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, these locations have lower operating costs and allow me to pass savings to business and agency owners. I genuinely want to help people optimize their websites, making the internet more organized and our clients more skilled at managing their SEO efforts.
If your website is underperforming, or you don't have timely data on how your website is performing, I can help.

Our Story

I've been designing websites since 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona, and I'm proud to say that over the years, the sites I built consistently ranked high on search engines. After refining my successful process for five years in Los Angeles, California, I went to college and earned a degree in Economics.

In 2015, I moved to Eugene, Oregon, where I became the Director of Economic Development for a local chamber of commerce. In 2020, I started WaymakerSEO in Eugene, specializing in SEO services and creating a brand based on my proven process. This work is now part of Convergent Thinking Group (convergentthinkinggroup.com).

In 2022, I relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and now offer my expertise as a Tulsa SEO Expert. Waymaker SEO is expanding, and as of 2023, we have formed an LLC to focus on building our brand and offering more services. We're excited to grow our team and work with new clients. Let's achieve success together!

Our Approach To SEO

Aligning Search Engine Optimization with your broader marketing efforts

Search Engine Optimization allows your website to be in alignment with your marketing goals. By optimizing your website for Search Engines, you are improving the chances of gaining users in the market for your product or service. Using keyword optimization, you can funnel active web users at various stages of the sales process.

The Right Kind of Traffic

  • Connect with potential customers seeking an immediate product/service/solution to a known problem/need. (High intent)
  • Potential Prospects that are comparing solutions/products/services and businesses to a known problem/need. (Low Intent)
  • Potential Leads trying to understand/define an unknown problem/need, and you have the solution/product/service. (Unknown Intent)

My SEO Philosophy

I believe that the key to good SEO work is working with a multi-prong approach.

  • Clean Code: Clean and Minimal Errors (Improves Useability and Indexing)
  • Targeted Content: Keyword Focused (Improves Traffic and Conversions)
  • Community Building: Link Building (Improve Referrals)
  • Understand Competition: Competitive Analysis (Improves Competitiveness)
  • Integrate PPC Efforts: Google Adwords Management (Improves ROI)
  • Integrate into other Marketing Efforts: Keyword Research, Conversion Analysis, Competitor Research, and more.

I have the expertise and tools to help your website perform better.


Our Values for Clients


A collaborative approach that ensures the business's goals and objectives are central to the SEO strategy.


A transparent and educational approach that empowers the business to better understand and manage their online presence.


A trusted and reliable partner committed to using ethical and effective SEO strategies to achieve results for the business.


An efficient and effective approach that minimizes the business's time and resource investment while maximizing the impact of the SEO strategy.

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Data/Report Driven

Our process includes regular detailed reports with recommendations and suggestions based on best practices. We share these reports with you, so you can see what changes we suggest and why they are needed.

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Focus on Fundamentals

We do not take shortcuts; we follow current design and search optimization standards. We align your site with Search Engines' expectations. No cheap tricks, just hard work.

Mapping out SEO

Team Player
Goal Focused

No egos; we work with your team, vendors, or whomever you wish to complete this work. We focus on what needs to get done and work in your best interest.

SImply Complex SEO Processes

Our Goals

  • Help your website attract the right users to your website, by optimizing the website, following search engine standards, using relevant and timely data, and best practices with some hard work.
  • Improve your website's performance, as part of your broader marketing plan, with minimally invasive changes, efficient processes, and clear communication.
  • Provide a service that is easy to use, scales to our client's needs, and builds a referral base to allow us to continue doing what we love.

What Others Say:

We have helped a few folks over the last year achieve some great results. We are working on building up our brand. Here are some links to what others have to say.


Want to read more testimonials?

We've collected testimonials about our services.

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Industry Experience/Served

Affiliate Marketing Sites Artists Attorneys/Lawyers Beauty Treatment
Churches Colleges (Private) Environmental Consulting Financial Services
Influencers/Content Interior Designers IT Firms Marketing Agencies
Non-Profit (Education) OEM Manufacturers Podcasters Restaurants
Supply Chain Providers Trade Schools
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Bryan University AZ Logo
Reduction in Motion logo
Virigna Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Technical coatings manufacturer
Beauty School Logo
Spartanburg Methodist College Logo
IP Lawyer Logo

Meet the Team

Yes, there is a human behind the process. I am here to help you get the Search Engine Optimization results you desire.

Joshua with suit

Joshua is a Co-owner of Waymaker SEO LLC and Think Adapt Build LLC. He has over 20 years of professional experience with a degree in Economics. Joshua has a mind for analysis and process development. He recently worked as an economic development officer and is leveraging his experience to consultant businesses across varying sectors.




Learn more about this Friendly SEO Nerd.

Speaking Engagements

2022 Designer Influencers Conference

In August of 2022, I presented at the Design Influencers Conference of about 600 participants.

The audience was Interiors Designers and Influencers in the Interiors Design Space. My friend Kyla Herbes with House of Hipsters connected me to the group.

MY presentation was on  "SEO and Social Media Integration Guide". I covered some basics of SEO and how these elements could be used for social, and how social could be used for SEO.


Lane County Small Buisness Development Center (2021)

Online Presentation to Small Business Development Center in Eugene, OR. I spoke to a group of 15 small business owners, talking through SEO mechanics and suggesting small efforts that can provide a large impact. I also framed how they should look for SEO providers.


Need an SEO Speaker or SEO Presenter?

I love to present my ideas to people looking for SEO help, ideas, or work-plans. My presentations are strategic, tactical, and implementable.

I also offer free consultations and deliverables to attendees. No obligation. Just closing the loop on adding value.

Think Adapt Build LLC

Waymaker SEO LLC was built on solid operational practices. These processes and approaches developed into a Fractional COO and Business Coaching service. You can lean more about Think Adapt Build below.

A Tulsa SEO Expert, Available to the U.S.

Ready to Start

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