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If you need a friendly SEO provider or consultant, please feel free to connect with me, the Friendly SEO Nerd. I specialize in working with business owners and marketing directors to improve their website's ability to connect to potential customers already looking for their products and services.

How Do I help you SEO?

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Data, hard work, and clear processes. I own licenses to powerful software that gives tons of details about your website and your competitor's websites.  We use this info to help SEO your own website, through strategic planning and implementation.

I focus on 4 key areas:

  • Code - Fix errors and improve indexing. (Technical SEO)
  • Content - Keyword research and page-level optimization. (On-Page SEO, Keyword Research, Content Writing)
  • Community - Improve connections to relevant sites. (Backlinking)
  • Competitors - See what they are doing and use this data in your plan. (Competitor Analysis)

SEO Deliverables - Overview

  • Clear data and reports, at the level, depth, and frequency you need.
  • Regular meetings and check-ins. Learn what I'm doing and what we need to do if you want to learn and perform some of the SEO needed for your website.
  • Planning sessions to talk about what needs to be done and who can do what.
  • Additional Audits as needed
  • Regular updates and continuous improvement for your SEO plan.

Regular SEO Project

I will do regular SEO projects for businesses and agencies alike. My process includes:

1  Full SEO Audit covering the 4 areas above. Establish a baseline, look for areas for improvement.

2. Recommendations and suggestions based on priorities.

3. Working time to fix errors, write content, pursue backlinks.

4. Re-audit work completed verifying changes.

5. Feedback loop to encompass results and inform next leg of work.

SEO Project Results

  1. Increase in Organic traffic.
  2. Increase in ranks, move words lower-ranked to a higher rank.
  3. Increase in the number of words ranked for, including previously unranked words, higher searched terms, and higher intent keywords.
  4. Increase in leads and a better conversion rate.

Why use the phrase Friendly SEO Nerd?

SEO can be data-intense and overly complicated at times. To do SEO you should understand some coding, website development, search engine crawling process, an understanding of database management, stats, analytics,  marketing strategies, goal setting, data, and more things.

I understand a lot of this and can explain it simply. I'm also friendly because business is about people and connecting with them to make something awesome happen. You don't have to learn as much SEO as I have trained for, but I can teach you enough to get your SEO efforts in alignment.

I'm a "work with you" SEO consultant and SEO provider. My job is to help you understand what your website's SEO standing is and how to improve them. You provide the marketing priorities and business priorities, helping me to build out content that makes sense.

So SEO is kinda nerdy; I'm friendly; there ya go.

What's next?

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I thank you for your time and look forward to speaking with you.

~Joshua Monge, aka The Friendly SEO Nerd.

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