I have recently returned back to SEO work after working for 3 years in Economic Development. Some of the case studies are previous work and some include current efforts.

Current SEO Efforts

Regional Manufacturer, Eugene, OR

Working with the Marketing Director to fix code errors, working with them to fix, and create a process to reduce future errors. Performed keyword research and competitor analysis. The First 3 months were code fixes and starting to implement keywords per page. As new pages are being created they are getting indexed quickly with new pages ranking pretty quick. We are also actively moving pages up in ranks.

Results: The website has a 20% increase in organic traffic (over 2K in visitors). The client is also experiencing new potential leads that have not been previously engaged.

Financial Services Company, Phoenix, AZ

Working with a finical services company, started with SEO Audit, Competitive Analysis, and keyword research. Fixed code errors on the site, and reformatted content with an increase in keyword density. Worked with the Marketing Director to create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to reduce futures errors and increase SEO content value created. Keyword research also is being utilized for the broader marketing strategy and content creation for the next year.

Results:  The website has seen an increase of 12% in organic traffic (over 1K in visitors) and is currently monitoring keywords for key staff. The client is also using the work we provided for their content creation plan.

Security Consulting Services Company, Canada

I am working with the client's marketing vendor and performing SEO functions in tandem with the new site and content layout. I did an initial audit of the site, made some technical and on-page changes to the site, performed keyword analysis, and implements small content changes.

Results: The site has seen an increase in organic traffic up by 65% in 4 months. We are continuing to see the site grow in organic traffic and keyword ranks.

Previous SEO Efforts

Paver Installer, Orange County, CA

Paver installation company came to me after working with 4 other providers. Was frustrated with the results. We rebuilt the site with semantic markup in place. We optimized her site for keywords that have been regularly searched. We also worked her Pay per click campaign to target specific searches. 

Results: Within 3 months her site was generating leads (organic and PPC) with a conversion rate of over 50%. The average billable for residential work was $25K and Commercial work at $100K. Saved the client over $17K in PPC costs.

Estate Planning Attorney, Eugene, OR 

Worked with a local lawyer that focuses on estate planning. The market was pretty competitive and the web developer was difficult. Ran an audit fixed code errors, and implemented keywords per page, optimizing each page. Also audited competitors and identified some common backlinks that the client was missing. Gave them a list of websites to build a connection. 

Results: 3 months later the client called me in to ask what I did to their site. They saw a small uptick in calls but were more impressed the phone calls were people ready to start the estate planning process. The client was pleased. Last I heard they have moved to a new office. 


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