SEO Reports

Here is a shortlist of Search Engine Optimization reports to help you with your Search Engine Optimization goals. These SEO reports can be provided at various levels and details, depending on your needs.

Several of these reports are bundled together in Audit packages or monthly support.

Code Audit Report

Sample SEO Code Audit Report

This report is basically an SEO code audit.  It checks your code for errors that are limiting the effectiveness of your Search Engine Optimization Efforts. Fixing the code errors helps to improve the depth and frequency of search engine crawls. When your code is error-free or has fewer errors, it also complies with Search Engine standards and design recommendations.



Want a sample SEO report?

If you reach out to me I can send you an SEO Code Audit Report sample. Fill out the form on the next page, and I can get you a sample Seo Code report.

Hire Waymaker SEO for: Code Fixes | Technical SEO

Sometimes you need someone to help fix errors on your website. I can help you fix the errors on your website. This service is in addition to the SEO Code Audit fee.

We need to review the error report and work with you and your team to prioritize changes that need to be made. These changes are on-site edits to your website and require access to the backend of your website.

If you have a person you want me to work with, I can work as a consultant and will bill only for the time I speak with your person rounded to half-hour.

Content: Keyword Reports

We offer a few options when it comes to reporting on your SEO Keyword strategy. I can audit your website for your current keywords and show you how you rank for these keywords. I can also help determine what new keywords you should consider, how you compare to your competitors, and much more.

Keyword Research Report

If your Search Engine Optimization strategy relies on keywords, you want to make sure you are competing with the right keywords. Many websites may heavily utilize some keywords, and some may have low search volumes. Understanding what to expect with various keywords can help you refine your plan. If you do not have a keyword list, this is the first step to creating a search engine optimization keyword strategy.


  • A report showing Expected Visits per keyword
  • # of searches for certain words
  • Suggested Cost Per click

Keyword Ranking Report (Site Level)

Using keywords in your website is key to a search engine optimization strategy, but you also need to know and understand how your site is being ranked for these keywords. Some keywords you are using might have a lot of competition, or your competitors could be using keywords more effectively.


  • We can show you how you rank for your keywords across multiple search engines.
  • We can show you which pages are ranked for which keywords.
  • We can show you search volumes and expected conversion rates.

Keyword Audit Report  (Page Level)

The most important element of a keyword strategy is keyword utilization. Having the right concentration and frequency on your website is important. If you have a keyword list, but your keywords are underrepresented on your website, you are missing out on web traffic. I can audit individual pages for their keyword usage rate.


  • A report showing your keyword utilization
  • Tips on how to fix the optimization rate

Keyword Competition Report

Competitors are part of every business. I can help you identify your online competitors based on keywords or identify your competitors and discover their keywords. I work with you and your team to determine a strategy to compete for market share online through keyword utilization. When someone searches using a keyword, your business should be right there with your competitors.


  • We can show you how you and your competitors rank for the keywords provided across multiple search engines.
  • This is included in the Competitor Analysis 

These reports are also included in:

  • SEO Audit Package: Many of these reports are included in the Full SEO Audit.
  • Monthly SEO reports:  I can monitor your site every week. This allows me to watch for changes in the competitive landscape and make suggestions and changes as needed. I can also see how your competition is doing over a period of time. You get reports and insights each week. Check out Monthly SEO Support.
  • Ad-hoc Support: If you need someone to help with an ad-hoc process, these reports are a great place to start. Check out our service page.

Want a sample report?

If you reach out to me I can send you a sample report. Fill out the form on the next page, and I can get you a sample Seo Code report.

Community: Backlink Audit Report

Understanding where your website fits in the world wide web is one of the key factors for success in search engine optimization. I can check for links to your site from other websites and help you determine which ones are helpful/harmful, and work on a list of prospective sites to request a link.

To run a keyword Audit report, I need to know:

  • Your Domain
  • Access to your Google Analytics and Seach Console


  • We can show you stats on how websites are linked to you, their locations.
  • We can provide you a list of your backlinks and rank them.
  • We can provide you the nature of the links, such as image links, anchor text, and more.

Competitors: Competitor Reports

No matter how well your website is doing, it is competing with other websites. These reports will help you understand what your competitors are doing, what is working for them, and even use this data in your own SEO strategy.

Part of the Waymaker SEO intake process asks you for the people you see as competitors.

I wrote a small article about who your competitors are and why you may need to reconsider what a competitor is related to digital competitors. SEO Competitors Insight.

Domain Competitor and Topic Competitor Identification

Sometimes you may not realize who your competitors are online. I can pull a list of competitors based on your current site content and rankings. Some reports can look at topics and identify potential competitors.


  • Provide you a list of sites you should consider competitors
  • Show a keyword intersection with these sites
  • Identify other factors that your competitors are working with

Domain Competitor Rankings, Keywords, Keyword Gap

When looking at competitors, it's important to understand the relationship of your site to their site. These reports give us your ranks compared to the competitors, and we can also look for keywords they are using that you may not have considered.


  • Competitors Ranking Report
  • Keyword Gap
  • Keyword stats, including search volume, competition level, and CPC costs

Competitor Comparison

There is a myriad of factors that determine the strength of a website for SEO efforts. I can analyze the competitors and what factors are stronger, matched, or weaker than your website.

Additionally, one of the factors is backlinks. We can pull backlink data on your competitors and provide a link intersection and gap, with an inventory of backlinks for you to review.


  • Competitor Comparison report, with a domain strength score
  • Link intersection and Link gap inventory
  • Basic details on the backlink quality

Competitor Report Options

These reports are provided in several packages.

  • Full SEO Audit: I provide competitors' analysis and data with these reports.
  • Monthly SEO Support: I provide regular reporting on identified competitors. We can also look at new potential competitors if needed.

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