Technical SEO Consultant

Techincal SEO IconSometimes you need a little help with the code fixes on your website, and when you talk about code fixes in Search Engine Optimization, we call that Technical SEO. You don't need to learn code to see errors and understand why they should be fixed.  Getting a technical audit will show you what search engines will run into when attempting to crawl your site.

I can help you sort through a technical audit, determine priorities, and make repairs to your website. If you have a web developer, I can work with them to troubleshoot issues.

I only ask for revocable access to your website when needed. None of the changes I  make should interfere with the website's operation nor change the look or feel significantly. It's like having a mechanic give your car a tune-up. The process is explained a little further down below.

As a Technical SEO Consultant, I help by performing an SEO Code Audit, making fixing recommendations, helping set repair priorities, and working with you and your team to fix your website.

Want to Talk to Someone?

Want to talk about an audit or SEO needs? Book a Free 15-minute consultation. We can provide some insights and data upfront.

Need A Technical SEO Consultant?

If you need me to do the fixes, we can talk through priorities and what changes need to be made, and when.

I'm well versed in HTML and CSS and I have strong knowledge of WordPress SItes. I can read through the code and help troubleshoot issues.

  • Start with a Technical SEO Audit.
  • Review the Audit and Scope out the changes needed.
  • Changes are made to the site.
  • Re-audit the site and check for remaining errors.
  • Create a Standard Operating Procedure for updating your website (to reduce future errors)
  • Test the SOP, Continue to fix errors.
  • Audit the site again.
  • The goal is to reduce errors by 90%

Techincal Code Audit looks at the following

  • Broken Links
  • Missing Information
  • Page Speed
  • Duplicate Content
  • Other Technical Errors Google Cares about

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Benefits of hiring a Technical SEO consultant

Technical SEO ConsultantI can be a neutral 3rd party observer of what is working, broken, missing, and can be improved. I simply report what I find and what should be fixed.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Verify work that has been completed by your web developer.
  • Verify work completed by a Vendor
  • Teach you how to SEO the website you own or manage
  • Troubleshoot common issues and work to root cause and solution
  • Be a value add for web development and/or marketing agencies

If these benefits work for you, you may want to hire me to help you.  We can start with a project or full audit, or start a monthly contract.

Monthly Contract

Monthyl Support IconIf you need regular support, I can provide work on a monthly basis. I work pretty quickly and efficiently. The ideal plan is to fix the site as quickly as possible and monitor for new errors if you update your site regularly.

For larger sites, the number of fixes may require multiple months to fix. We can help scope out the work, create priorities, and very changes as they are made.

Agency Support

Agency Support Technical SEOIf you are a marketing agency or a web development agency, I can help you ensure any website you work with has the best foot forward. As a technical SEO consultant, my goal is to help you identify what is broken, what is working, and what can be optimized. I can clearly show you and your team what needs to be done.

Tiered Data

I can provide details at the level you need, from a strategic overview to specific data files containing specific errors. I've worked with web developers that appreciate the specificity of the reports I can provide and project managers that appreciate getting the "gist" of what needs to be done.

I can support your team on a monthly contract, project basis, or ad-hoc. I have a simple calendar booking system that gives your team easy access to me.

Technical SEO code errors may not be something you share with your clients, but I can white label my data and reports. This is a great tool if you are trying to bid a website redesign, solicit a client that needs your service or use it as a prospecting tool.

Ready to find out more?

Feel free to contact me for a free 15-minute consultation.

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