Waymaker SEO Services and List of Services

As an SEO Consultation Service, We offer a few different services than SEO Marketing Agencies and SEO Freelancers. If you have a specific SEO need, please contact us.

We believe "How" the work is done is as important and part of the broader SEO service.

Code Audit, Keyword Audit, Rankings Audit, Backlink Audit, and Competitors Audit/Analysis. Includes all four audits below, with summaries (for executives and directors), overviews (for directors and managers), and detailed files (for staff that need exact details to fix/edit website code and content.)

SEO Code Audit and Prioritization and  Recommendations for fixes and optimization of efforts.

Keyword Audit, and keyword rankings, start the keyword research and identify pages for on-page optimization.

Identify online competitors, topical and direct. Leverage their keywords and backlinks for your strategy.

identify online competitors, topical and direct. Leverage their keywords and backlinks for your strategy.

Work as a Consultant to help you and your team fix SEO Code issues. We can work with your team or make the changes for you.

Page-level, Keyword Utilization, and Implementation. Page-level audits with tips to fix or improve results.

Find the right words, variations, competitiveness, search volumes, and more.

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Two-prong strategy - Short-term and long-term improvements.

Provide regular project support, including bi-weekly meetings, weekly reports, strategy, research, and more.

Done for you Services

Get help writing copy for your website. If you need SEO-ready content, we can help.

Already have content? We can repurpose it into SEO-ready content, including blogs and social posts.

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Is your website loading slowly, missing meta data, or have broken links? We can fix these.

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NEW SEO Ready Website

Get a SEO-ready website with clean code, customer journey mapping, clear CTA's, and page-level optimized pages.

These sites are SEO-lean and mean, delivering ranks, traffic, and conversions.


Looking for Agency/White Label Support?

I have the ability to white label my services and reports. They can be fitted with your logo, contact information, and more.

Agency Support

Are you a marketing or web development agency that needs to expand your SEO offerings?

I'm interested in sharing my process, documents, and efforts with your team and helping you build out an SEO service line or support services.

What makes Waymaker SEO Services unique

We save you time and money

Our SEO service saves you time and money. Once we start working for you, you will know what we are doing, why we are doing it, and what the results are without asking.

Get SEO reports that analyze your efforts and show how your website is doing.

We are committed to Affordable SEO Services.

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Three ways we can Deliver SEO Services

Waymaker SEO is about making way for your website to be found by your target audience and includes you as part of the process. I share what needs to be done and how to do it.

You won't be an SEO expert, but you will know the basics of how to keep your SEO efforts going and the mechanics behind most SEO efforts.

We offer 3 ways to engage our clients and the work needed.

Done-With-You Service

Done with you SEO services

We work with you to create, run, and support an SEO Service Plan. We meet regularly and discuss the work and options, leveraging your team to execute tasks.

Great hybrid option to leverage our experience and knowledge while building and executing SEO in your business.

Do-It-Yourself Serivce

DIY SEO Services

We can provide you with guides, reports, and data. Support is provided via video for specific needs and requests.

Save money and go at your own pace.


Done For you SEO services

We can create an SEO plan, pitch it, and run with it, executing each facet of the SEO process.

Results-focused efforts with regular checking to make sure working is moving in the right direction.

Our Promise

  • Our efforts are in-house. We don't resell others' work.
  • Each project is new, and we don't resell other clients' work.
  • Our Content is Unique: You know your industry, write something, and we can fix it, or we can interview you and have our writers create the content.
  • We don't use black hat techniques: We stay closer to the lighter gray.
  • We don't operate a black box: You can see what we are doing and why we are doing it and have data showing completed work.
  • No Ego: I work with your providers and play well with others.
  • We like to win. SEO is about gaining ranks and being rewarded for quality work.
  • We are not eager to fail: So when something doesn't work, we pivot.

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Waymaker SEO Processes Result In:

Increase in Organic Traffic

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Increase Traffic Conversion

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Improved Site Structure

Site Structure Increase

Increase Backlinks to the Site

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SEO Knowledge Transfer

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Processes for Continuous Improvement of your website

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