SEO Efforts in Eugene Oregon

We are an SEO agency based in Eugene Oregon. It is a decent place to own a business and work remotely.

The cost of living is low, we have access to decent internet, and the airport connects to most major cities.

Our Market Area

Living in Eugene is great, but it's not just about this city. Springfield Oregon is right next door. This means we have over 200K people in the area, which means we have a lot of the amenities of larger cities, without all the hassle of traffic and costs. We also have a strong number of employers and jobs that are open to people at various economic levels.

With the coast and the mountains only an hour away, in opposite directions, Eugene is a decent place to run a business.

The real challenge for us is the number of Marketing Agencies and SEO firms that offer similar services.

Our SEO Agency in Eugene

SEO Eugene OregonWe have helped a few small businesses in the area and a few larger businesses that are actively marketing to outside the area.

This is where we can show that we have a proven record for helping our local clients gain access to clients outside the market.

We know the area and the economics of the area. This means we can help people target their SEO efforts even better. If you are a manufacturer looking for other suppliers or vendors, a restaurant looking for more dinners, or professional services providers needing more clients, we are here to help.

Industries we have/had SEO clients

Dentist: Trying to find clients for specific services

Manufacturers: promoting a product line

Attorneys:  A subset of family law

Web Design: Trying to get more local and clients from outside the market

Marketing Agencies: Full Service Agency

Security Agencies: Security Consultation

Financial Firms: Education and Consultation Blog

Consultation Firms - Business Consulting

Winery - Local Winery with a National Footprint

Non-Profits - Support agency

...These are some of the types of businesses I have worked with within an SEO capacity.

Locations we have done SEO work outside Eugene Oregon

We have done a bit of SEO work outside the area including:

Phoenix, AZ

Bay Area, CA

Irvine, CA

Orange County, CA

Pasadena, CA

Portland, OR

Baltimore, MD

New York, NY

Saskatchewan, Canda

Our efforts outside the area have come to us from referrals or jobs we have won through various websites.  We are continually expanding our client base outside the Eugene Oregon area.

If you need someone in Eugene to help with SEO efforts in Eugene or from Eugene to outside markets, we can help.

Business types we work with

We work best with mid-size businesses that have established websites that need "something" to improve their website results. We can perform an SEO audit, id what works and needs to be improved. We work with our clients to scope out the work, and we leverage our expertise, our skills, and our client's team and resources to create an optimization plan. This allows more SEO work to be done effectively.

We then work a plan, report out regularly, and meet frequently. The goal is to move the work forward and limit downtime. If this is how you would like to engage with SEO work, contact us.

With whom we work best

We work ideally with Marketing Directors. They have the authority and strategy and can help ensure our efforts dovetail into a broader marketing plan. We can't work in a vacuum and need to be able to make changes to the website or be allowed to guide changes.

Marketing Directors generally possess a breadth of skills and experience and can leverage our expertise, data reporting capacity, and insight to maximum effect. We can provide audits and detailed reports, and prepare special reports to be presented at a higher level in the organization.

We can stay in the SEO lane

We are not an agency that is trying to earn other types of business. We are an SEO agency that works diligently to address SEO concerns. There are some elements that require some website development skills, i.e. technical SEO, and some of the data and findings may influence some of the marketing goals and/or precepts. We are conscious of our role and have worked, and continue to work on diverse teams, ensure we provide what is needed for other disciplines, and work with other disciplines to a common goal.

There is no ego, just data, and hard work.

As an SEO Eugene Oregon Provider

We can offer competitive rates, regular remote support, and when needed, in-person meetings.

If you are looking for a new SEO provider, please consider us for your project.

Thank You


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