Our SEO Agency Difference - SEO Auditing & Consulting

There are thousands of SEO providers on the web. What makes my SEO Agency different, and why should you choose me to help you with your SEO efforts?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. A "work with you" provider. No black box, no ego. I want to get the work done and have positive results as soon as we can. I want to leverage what you have and will supplement what you need.
  2. Transparency. I use Google Analytics and Search Console for feedback and accountability. I proved detailed information at the level you requested. From overviews to raw data, I can show you results.
  3. Non-Compete. I don't resell our work. I don't take on conflicting clients.
  4. Not really an SEO Agency; but focused on Audit and Consulting. I love search engine optimization. I am not trying to get web design or PPC work. I know how those integrate and where I need to refer out on those efforts.
  5. I am a consultant. I work to add value to your business. Most of the work is front-loaded and tapers to regular support if you have a content creation strategy and continue building out the site. When I can't provide value beyond the pay, I give you the option to pause or cancel.
  6. Integrity. I set you up for success. I ask only for revocable access for all permissions. I run 3-month contracts to keep you from being tied down. If you like us, you'll keep us on.
  7. Solutions Focused. SEO is about executable strategy with a strong level of accountability. I help you plan and execute strategies that fit your company culture and resources.
  8. Client Success. Most of my clients see over a 10% increase in organic traffic in 3 months and an uptick in client leads and acquisition.
  9. Great Referrals. Both my active and previous clients are willing to provide a reference. I work hard to make sure my clients succeed and get to where they receive maximum value.

Not an SEO Agency but an SEO Consultant

SEO Agency pick me

If you want an SEO consultant that will walk through an SEO journey with you, providing the expertise you need to grow your organic results, I am here to help.

Need some SEO Advice?

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