Welcome to our Glossary of Terms. Sometimes people get lost in the myriad of words and worse...Acronyms.

Here is a list of words that are used to describe Search Engine Optimization, its processes, and commonly used terms.

Black Hat

SEO Term for practices that are ethically questionable and most likely violate some sort of rule or guideline set by a government, an agency thereof, search engine providers, or Internet service providers. If caught for these violations, the results can be very severe.


The programming information is behind the scenes or unseen by a web user. Some of the elements are "coded" but may control how the site is used or what information is displayed.


This phrase has a specific meaning to SEO. It means the number of web searches that see your site and then click on your website. The conversion is from impressions to clicks.


Search Engine programs that read your code and report back the information for indexing.


Removal of a page from a search engine index.

Google Analytics

A program that tracks traffic to your website, bounce rates, flow, and much more. Learn more at Google Analytics Start Page.

Google Search

A program that tracks the website's health and usability. Includes search data. Google Search Console Start.

Featured Snippets

Information that displays towards the top of the Search Engine Results Pages.


Getting a page to be listed with a search engine, ideally to be displayed in search results.


The motivation of the web searcher using specific keywords.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

A measurable variable demonstrates how a website site or SEO plan is performing.

Local Pack

A list of three sites that display for localized searches. Ex: "Taco shops near me"

Organic Search Results

A website or web page found for a specific keyword that is not part of a paid campaign.


The ordinal rank of the page for a specific keyword.

Search Engine

A website or service that answers queries by displaying relevant results.

Search Engine Optimization

A process in which a website is refined and improved to increase organic results. This process includes; technical code fixes, on-page fixes, keyword utilization, backlinks, and competitor analysis.

Search Engine Results Page

The page displays the results of a web search. It contains organic links, sponsored links, and other data.

Semantic Markup

A coding term for ensuring that the code elements are used as intended. Example: <h1> Should be used as a header and should not be nestled under <h2>, <h3>.

Website Traffic

The number of visits to a website.

Uniform Resource Locators (URL)

The address for your website or resources used for your website.

White Hat

SEO Practice that adheres to a set of best practices and does not violate rules or terms of service for search engines.

Work With you Provider

We are a "work with you provider." This means we show you what we are working on, why changes need to be made, and how we are making them. You can learn some basic SEO techniques to ensure your site is being optimized as you update your own site.


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