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Waymaker SEO Agency Difference: Our Client Process

We have developed an SEO process over the last decade through trial and error and following a process improvement system. It has allowed me to create Waymaker SEO LLC as an SEO Agency, a repeatable and scalable business.

What is the Our Client Process?

We audit your website at the level requested, provide you with the reports, and scope out work to make positive changes to your website. We can make on-site improvements or work with your team to fix the fixes. Once changes are made, we rerun the audit reports to show what has been improved.

All steps are documented and provided to my clients as requested.

  • Customer Intake - We get to know about you and your business. We capture information about your marketing goals and the resources you would like to use during the process.
  • Customer Set-up -  We set up billing and forms of communication that fit your preferred communication style. We ask for access and permissions that are revocable as needed.
  • Situation Analysis - We audit your website based on the desired service. I provide you copies of these reports as part of our service.
  • Establish priorities - We review the reports and suggest a course of action based on priorities and best practices. We decided on priorities together.
  • Scope work - We make a work plan based on information captured during intake, the audit reports, and the budget.
  • Implement Changes - We download a copy of your code and content before making changes. We then make the agreed-upon edits.
  • Review Changes - We re-download your code and content and rerun audit reports.

Results generally take 2 - 3 months to take full effect.

Service Terms

We offer monthly SEO support packages with a minimum of 3 months. I want to ensure we are working the site with enough runway to make an impact, but not so long that you feel locked in. Our contracts come with a 30 Day Cancellation Policy.

Timetables and Deliverables

Generally, we structure our SEO projects accordingly:

Phase 1: SEO Audit (up 3 weeks) | Situation Analysis

Deliverable: 5-page report with a high-level overview of SEO strengths and challenges. Additional data is available upon request.

  • Start meeting weekly
  • Start Weekly reporting (establish a baseline)
  • Review active reports

Phase 2: Week 3/4 - Code Fixes

Meet with clients to review and establish priorities for changes. Start changes as soon as I have access.

Phase 3: Week 4 | Keyword Optimization on the site

Work on page-level optimization. Help with Content Creation strategy for new pages.

Phase 4: Week 6 | Backlink Strategy

Use data collected to create a backlink Strategy

Phase 5: Week 8 | Re-Audit Site + ID New Competitors

Check for new ranked words/phrases. Check for new competitors.

Monthly Support

We run audits on code, keywords, backlinks, and competitors as needed.

We monitor rankings weekly. Add new keywords to the project as they appear. Identify which pages are moving up and optimize. We send a weekly update with shifts in the overall rank potions. We update your drive with current reports.

Generally, we meet with clients twice a month to review efforts, reports, and more.

Want to know more about Monthly Support Options?

We have a few services that can be provided on a monthly basis

Data at the level you need

We are data wonks. We can provide you with more information than you probably need or want. For clients with other team members helping to optimize the site, a level of detail may be needed. We can scale our content to your needs.

Complete the SEO puzzle

SEO Agency Difference Recap

  1. We have a transparent SEO process and work with you and your team to deliver a clear and implementable strategy.
  2. We have short-term commitment contracts and only ask for limited access to your assets.
  3. Clarity - We offer precise data and reports, meetings, and timelines, so you know what's happening, why, and what should happen.

If this sounds like the type of SEO agency you want working for you and your team, please reach out.

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