Our SEO Backlink Building Process

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One of the most important elements for Search Engine Optimization is having stronger relevant sites linked to your website. Ideally, this would happen completely organic, but with the number of websites, social media sites, and other distractions online, backlinks may need some help. This is where a Backlink Strategy is important.

I leverage the connections and resources that you already have in place to build a backlink strategy. Together we try to formalize your existing relationships with online representation.

 Other Considerations

Competitor Analysis: I can evaluate your competitor's backlinks, and together we can look for opportunities.

Learn more about the Competitor Analysis.

Trade/Industry Sites: Numerous websites speak to or represent your industry; an article listing with them can help bolster your backlink profile.

Media Sites: The media is always looking for new stories and best practices for various industries. Consider guest posting and article submissions.

Social Media Links: Having your website on popular sites is beneficial. Even if there is a no-follow link, there are social signals that Search Engines pick up as they crawl these sites.

Listing SItes: These are a two-edged sword. Essentially they feature your name and business on their website and actively rank for similar keywords. Use these conservatively.

Backlink Strategy & Maintenance

If you produce quality content that has value to readers, your website will build backlinks organically. You also may have some less desirable websites linking to your website.

Once a month, you should check your backlinks and look for irrelevant and possibly toxic sites. These sites will bring down the rankings for your website.

Also, check for any website that agreed to backlink to your site, especially if there is a listing fee or service fee. Ideally, you should never be paying for a backlink.

Want a Backlink Audit?

I can run an audit of your backlinks and give you insights into the best steps and actions to take.