SEO Keyword Audit and Rankings Audit

We start with your website and evaluate the words on the page, looking at frequency, location, and emphasis. This gives us a list of keywords on your site, and we then check the search engines for rankings.

We can also pull your Google Analytics and Search Console data to get another list of words and pages that Google has indexed and ranked.

You get a full-page report showing your rankings and keywords associated with your website. You also receive an excel document with the words and pages ranked for those words.

*For those that choose a Full Audit, we can incorporate GAP keywords pulled from your competitors.


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Once the audit is complete, together, we then need to decide to:

  1. Optimize for what you have
  2. Pivot your content to higher searched words or,
  3. Create new content

Below are some more details on this process.

SEO Keyword Audit and Rankings

Our Content Audit includes; SEO Keyword Audit, Keyword Rankings Report, Page Rankings, and more.

This audit will show you how your website is currently viewed by Search Engines and show which factors contribute to that view.

SEO Competitor Keyword and Gap Analysis

This report shows you how you compare against your competitors and shows you their rankings for your keywords.

We also pull a list of words they are using that you are not ranked for, which we can use to find new keywords to use.

SEO Keyword Research

This report will provide you with a list of keywords and show you the search volume, Competition Level, Expected VIsits, and Cost per click.

This is super helpful for businesses engaged in PPC efforts.

Organic Traffic Integration

This report shows you how your website is performing in the organic traffic, showing pages and keyword ranks for each page.

You can see which pages are bringing in clients and what words are making this happen.

Keyword Analysis and Breakdown

SEO Keyword Audit Implementation IconWe provide a one-page overview that breaks down your keywords by rank and search volumes. This information is backed by an excel spreadsheet that is parsed out, showing you which keywords have the best potential to be optimized or have new content created.

It's a low-hanging fruit report that correctly implemented, can increase the amount of organic traffic to your website and make for an easy content creation guide.

Want to speak to an SEO Audit Consultant?

Book a free 30-minute SEO consultation. We can have a simple conversation about your site, show you a few reports, and talk through options. You may not need to hire and SEO provider.

Want to Talk to Someone?

Want to talk about an audit or SEO needs? Book a Free 30-minute consultation. We can provide some insights and data upfront.