Get a Free SEO Audit Report Report and get a snapshot of how your website is performing on the web. I can find and show you some basic elements that are working or the big holes that need to be fixed.

Limit one per person or per website.

Fix out the information below and we can have a report to you in up to 3 business days.

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What's in the Free SEO Audit?

We can take a quick look at your site and look for things that are clearly in need of improvement.

Free SEO Audit Website Audit Workers on a Laptop

We look at:

  • Website Code: Identify technical SEO elements that need to be addressed and on-page SEO elements that are missing or duplicative.
  • Keyword Data: We take a quick look at keywords that your site may be ranked for and get a snapshot of how your site is doing.
  • Backlinks Look: We run a limited audit of your website's backlinks.
  • Competitors: Your competitors are online, but there are others using keywords that you may want to use. We take a quick peek.

How is the Free SEO Audit different than a full SEO Audit?

Simply put there is more detail in the Full audit. If you want to know more about a Full SEO audit please visit the Full SEO Audit section of the website.

The Full SEO Audit comes with a 5-page summary, detailed color reports, and support data files that get into the weeds of what needs to fix.  We tier the data and feedback to help make the information digestible and easy to