On-page is the process to ensure that all the elements on your website are essentially checked-off. With the prevalence and plethora of web developers and DIY website builders, it is easy to miss some key elements that help search engines understand your website and, specifically, your web pages.

How I can Help with Your On-Page SEO

Technical SEO Consultant

Keyword/Page Rankings Audit

Perform an audit of the keyword rankings and specific pages. Identify opportunities for improvement.

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Review & Prioritize Pages

Meet with you about fixing/improving the site, create a plan to fix the errors, and set up a process to reduce future errors.

Technical SEO Consultant

Implement changes to the site

Pages are optimized and improved. I can do this or help your team make changes.

Technical SEO Consultant

Re-audit the site and Report

We re-audit the pages and show you the results.

What is On-Page SEO?

It is the process of updating your pages with any missing elements, fixing some issues, and adding some signals to your website.

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Several pieces make up every website:

  1. Page Title: Displays on the browser Tab and Search Results Page
  2. Meta Description: Displays on the Search Results Page
  3. H1:  Header Text
  4. H2 - H6: Subheader Text
  5. Content: Words on the Page
  6. Bold and Italicized Text: Emphasized text
  7. In Bound and Out Bound links: Connections to and from the page
  8. Images: Alt Texts for Readers and when picture may "break."

Then some elements influence how the page may be found and used:

  1. Keywords: Concentration, Placement, and Frequency
  2. Structured Data: Elements in the code that classifies/contextualize your page
  3. Ability to be Skimmed: Can someone scroll through and get the gist of the page.
  4. Readability: What level of reading are you expecting the reader to be?
  5. Purpose of the Page: Is this a core page, support page, sales page, etc.
  6. Calls to Action: What is the reader suppose to do on the page?
  7. Social Credibility: Is this page shared on social channels?

How is this different then Technical SEO?

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On-page SEO overlaps with Technical SEO. If you are missing information or have information in fields truncated in the Search Results page, you will want to fix these. Some web programs have a field or box you can update; some require some coding to fix.

Technical SEO is pretty much anything that is behind the scenes or in the code. However, some of these behind the scenes data is used for displaying results on the Search Results page. A great example is the Meta Description. It's a piece of code that goes into your header.

Waymaker SEO On-Page SEO Approach

On-page is one of the easiest and sometimes very time-consuming parts of SEO. I have found that there is a common mistake made on most people's websites, and they can be remedied by:

  1. Finding the Root cause
  2. Fix the root cause: Use a checklist or create a standard operating process (SOP) to use going forward.
  3. Fix the errors

On-Page SEO Errors: Root Cause

Sometimes, Developers miss SEO code errors in development or after they transfer the website from one server to another. It could also be that no one was watching for these elements.

On-Page SEO Errors: Root Fix

Create. a checklist or Standard Operating Procedure for updating your website. If you create new pages, you want to ensure your on-page SEO process is in place to reduce new errors.

On-Page SEO Errors: Fix the errors

You can check each page once you have a checklist. If you have a larger site, I would suggest an audit to check for on-page errors.

I can run a Techincal Audit. Read more about our Technical SEO Audit. 


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