Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a complicated process when considering all the factors that contribute to SEO ranks. Add to this the challenge of getting the right visitors to the site and the right part of your website. As an SEO consultant, my job is to get your website in shape for competitive ranking and get you an SEO strategy that is "a right fit" for your organization.

Like a Compass we are SEO GuidesWhat I offer as an SEO Consultant

I have over 20 years of professional experience in a variety of industries and positions. Some of the industries I have worked in:

  1. Non-Profit - Chamber, Religious Organization, Education
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Call Center
  4. Corporate Fast Food
  5. Wine
  6. SaaS (Software as a Service)
  7. Corporate Security
  8. Property Management/Development
  9. Environmental Consulting

I leverage the knowledge and experience I have in these industries to help my clients.

I'm a "work with you provider" in that I show you my data and processes and work with you and your team to SEO your website. You will learn how I  improve your website, what elements are working, and how to continue to improve your website.

My goal is to leverage your knowledge, insight, and experience to maximize our time together.

How I Consult for SEO

I believe the how is as important as the why and what. As an SEO consultant, I consult in the following way:

  1. SEO Audits: I help you understand what is working, what is broken, and identify improvements. Read more about SEO Audits here.
  2. Monthly Check-ins and Weekly Reporting: I develop a regular communication cadence to know how your website is doing. Monthly SEO Support
  3. Flexible meeting schedule: I use Calendlty so you can schedule a time that works best for you. You can set up a meeting as easy as this: a Free 15 Minute Meeting.
  4. Agendas, Shared Folders, Clear Communication: I clearly document our time together, use Google Drive to share files, and communicate at a frequency that fits your style.
  5. Clear Processes: I've spent years developing SEO Processes that replicate successes, increase our work's effectiveness, and provide clarity.

I prefer to have 3-month contracts in place. This includes weekly reports, regular monthly meetings, and support hours for SEO tasks I need to do for your site. This allows some flexibility for my clients to leverage my time and not feel nickeled and dimed.

Monthly Support Includes

  • Weekly Reports with summaries
  • Monthly Project Updates - Competitors and Keywords
  • 2 meetings a month, regularly scheduled
  • Support Hours, packaged
  • Additional Support as you need schedules a time.

Areas I can Consult

Ready to find out more?

Speak with me to see if I am a good fit. I can provide you some preliminary insights. At the least, you will walk away with a little more insight into the SEO of your website.

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