Search Engine Optimization Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the SEO FAQ or questions we have received in the past. If you don't see your question here or on our website, don't hesitate to contact me.

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When should we see results from SEO efforts?

Generally, search engines take a few weeks to index new content. I tell my clients results they should result in 2 to 3 months from initial changes. Sometimes sites need to be indexed several times before ranks are assigned.

Are you a white or black hat provider?

I don't wear a cowboy hat. I currently hold licenses that require significant investment, and I won't risk my practice on techniques that get my clients' sites banned.

So we are the white hat folks: no cheap tricks, just solid planning and hard work.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! But so far, it's the two of us. Shoot us an e-mail, and we can get back to you in 3-5 Business days.

What makes Waymaker SEO different than other SEO providers?

  • We have created processes over the last ten years that allow us to communicate to our clients at every step of the way.
  • All of our work will last beyond the time we work on your project. We focus on improving organic search results.
  • We change your existing site; we do not create micro-sites or feeder sites.
  • All of the work created is proprietary to our clients and is not replicated or sold to competitors.
  • We don't farm out the work. We run the reports, evaluate the data, and make recommendations based on best practices.


Is SEO is just about making a writing a bunch of Content?

The simple answer is no. SEO is about a more comprehensive plan that requires more effort than just writing to make search engines happy. The Content on your site should have a target audience that will read/use the information you are providing.

So, there is a little yes, because there is Content that you could create to meet a search phrase the website does not currently rank for or provide.

Is SEO is just about getting a bunch of backlinks?

Again SEO is not "just one thing" and requires a few elements to be in harmony and sync. If you want long-term results and limit the chance for penalties, having a long-term and short-term-focused strategy is sound.

That said, how your website's connection to other websites does play a role in ranking your website. Find quality sites that want to backlink to your site because there is value in the relationship. Aim for quality website over quantity.

Isn't SEO Dead; Isn't it all about Social Media and PPC, right?

No. The buyer profiles on social media work for various business types and products. PPC is a faster return on investment in that it places your Content at the top of searches engines. These results are a pay-to-play option and disappear once you stop paying for the ad. SEO results tend to be harder to gain and provide longer-term benefits.

Is SEO content just keywords?

No. Content refers to anything created for web visitors' consumption on site. Content includes videos, images, podcasts/audio files, etc. One should create Content to serve the creator's original intent and be presented in an SEO-friendly way.

Isn't SEO just about keywords and putting them all over your pages?

No and Yes. No, you don't spam a page with keywords. It would be best to place keywords in crucial positions and with a limited density. Implementing keywords should happen after the Content is created and be a tweak to existing Content. That said, keywords can inspire certain Content to be created in a broader content creation strategy.

Isn't your SEO FAQ is missing a bunch of questions?

Yes. Send me an email with a question and I can add it to the SEO FAQ Page.


Have a SEO FAQ to add?

Please send me your SEO questions and I can add them to the SEO FAQ page.