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On-Page SEO Checklist
Free SEO Checklist

This resource is a checklist for on-page optimization. It has some of the basic elements you should consider paying attention to if you want the page to be indexed and found for specific phrases. Having a page that is optimized basically helps the search engines index the page fully, and helps ensure the right information is in the right place.

More to come. Check back soon. SEO Guide for WordPress Sites

Free SEO Reources for WP SItes I really don't want to repeat what's already on the internet. So when I find a resource I want to share it with folks looking for help.

WPBeginner SEO Guide

This site is a great resource. They also have a Facebook Group to help support WordPress website owners.

Free SEO Resources: Our SEO Resources Page

Free SEO Resources

We are adding resources as we find them. If you have a suggestion or need a specific tool, please let me know.:

We also have links that you would expect (like Google Analytica and Search Console).

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Why are you giving away Free SEO resources?

Prime the Pump Free SEO Resources

SEO is an investment in a marketing effort that requires other marketing elements to be in place. There are some minimum viable time and energy requirements that need to be invested before paying for SEO services.

Some business owners are not in a place to invest the dollars but can invest the time.

My hope is that these tools help businesses connect with the people that already looking for the business's product/service/solutions that people need. Hopefully, once they see the results they can make further investments in SEO efforts.

Consider this the priming of the pump for SEO return.