Free On-Page SEO Checklist and Worksheet

Part of the mission of WaymakerSEO is to "Help businesses improve their website’s ability to connect to the people and companies that need and want their service."

In the spirit of this mission, we are creating tools and resources for people to use to make this happen.

In this PDF you will learn some of the basics of On-Page SEO. We have even provided a worksheet so you can perform On-page SEO yourself.

Overview of the On-Page SEO Checklist/Worksheet

This PDF comes with a worksheet that you can use over and over again. The PDF also includes the following information.

On-Page SEO Checklist Terms

Alt Tag: The alternate name for an image. If the image “breaks” this text will display. Also, this is used by web readers.

Bold: Embolden a keyword at least once.

Content: 350 Words minimum - 800 characters is ideal. Content should be unique, original, and quality.

H1: Header Tag. Think intro to the page.

H2 - H6: Sub-headers, should intro into sections of content. Use keyword at least once in at least one of these. Use to make content skim-able.

Image(s): Add at least one image. Add Alt Text with the primary keyword. Size the image correctly.

Italics: Italicize a keyword at least once.

Keyword: What is the primary keyword for this page?

Keyword Usage %: Use the keyword to about a 3% concentration

Link(s) - External: Add links to relevant content to other High-Quality Sites. Use an “Open New Tab link”

Link(s) - Internal: Add links to relevant content on the site

Meta Description: Use the keyword near the front of the paragraph. Describe the page. Use fewer than 320 characters. This shows up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) right under the URL link. Should be descriptive and entice people to click.

Page Name: What is the name of the page or the page URL?

Page Title: The title of the page, shows on the browser tab. Keep under 70 Characters.

Purpose of Page: This information is not applied to a page, but should help to provide a focus for the other fields.

Readability: Is this content readable by most people? Check your spelling and Grammar

Related Keywords: What is are keywords that are related, show intent, and align with your sales goals?

Skim-able: Use headers and breaks to make the page easy to skim.

Structured Data: Extra markups in the code that improve Search Results Pages (SERP)

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