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Competitor Analysis IconOne of the core facets of your work is an SEO Competitor Analysis. It's the Fourth C of our Four C process.  I find this valuable because even though we can get a strong sense of what your website is doing online, knowing how your competitors are ranking and which factors contribute to that success is important. Best to compete in the areas where you can gain ranks and outpace your competition.

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SEO Competitor Analysis Gauges

SEO Competitor Analysis & Audit Includes

  1. Competitor Identification - Several reports and data to identify other competing sites for specific keywords and phrases.
  2. Competitor Comparison - Evaluate competitors and give you details as to why they are in the position they are in and where your site excels, meets, or lags in comparison.
  3. Topic Competitors -  Deinfed as websites that rank for keywords you want to rank for, but they don't necessarily sell the same product or service.
  4. Backlink Intersection & Gaps - Pull a list of your competitor's backlinks and look for higher ranking domains to pursue a backlink.
  5. Keyword Intersection & Gaps  - Pull a list of your competitors' rankings and identify crossover and words they may be using that you want to integrate into your website.

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If you are interested in learning more about evaluating and providing detailed information on your competitors, don't hesitate to contact me.

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I wrote up some thoughts and insights about online competitors. Online competition is tough and very diverse.

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Service that Includes an SEO Competitor Analysis

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Full SEO Audit - SEO Audit Service

    • Competitor data including a side-by-side of key SEO factors.
    • A plan to outpace your competitors based on the data I find.
    • Data to look for opportunities to grow your efforts.

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Monthly SEO Services

    • Check on competitors rankings
    • Search for new competitors
    • Evaluate new competitors as they appear.