Baclink Strategy ImageThis Backlink Audit service will help you understand how your website is connected with other websites. Backlinks used to be one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimization. So much so that people focused exclusively on this one factor and went for quantity over quality.

This strategy has changed in importance but not in relevance. Backlinks are still important, but they are one facet of a comprehensive strategy and make up one of the key factors to search engine rankings. Fundamentally it has switched to quality over quantity.

Essentially this means the quality and relevancy of the backlinks are more important.

The SEO Backlink Audit will show you how many websites are backlinked to your site, their rankings, and how sites are linking to your website.

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Backlink Audit Report

This report will provide you an overview of your backlink progress, quality ratings of the links, country of origin, and link types.

Summary or Detailed reports are available.

Domain Comparison | SEO Competitive Analysis

This Backlink Report show's how your website ranks, comparing several SEO factors against your competitor's websites. We provide you insight into what factors are contributing to their success and, from the analysis, tell you what factors you can improve.

We can pull a list of your competitor's backlinks and run a link comparison (intersections, overlaps, and gaps) as we run these comparisons.

Backlink Inventory Report

Want to know which websites are linked to your site. I can get you the details of the sites linked with details on the quality of those links.

Look for missing backlinks, see the value of those connections, and stay informed on your connections.

Referral Traffic Link Report

See which sites are actually sending you traffic. I can integrate your Google Search console data into a clean and easy-to-read report.

Penalty Risk Report

Not every backlink is the same. Some websites are less scrupulous or too disassociated with your site and may provide toxic value. If you have too many of these, it could put you at risk for a penalty.

If you previously relied heavily on a backlinks strategy over 5 years old, you may have some toxic links you should disavow.

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