We are committed to providing Affordable SEO Services for businesses at every level. We have done our best to make sure we offer packages and services at the level needed to ensure SEO success. If you have a question about our services or prices, please contact us.

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Short Term / Ad Hoc Projects

  • Website Edits and Site Evaluation
  • Page-Level Keyword Audits
  • Pay Per Click Campaign Assessment
  • Consultation with Designers/Developers
  • Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO edits
  • Content Creation

Projects are based on an hourly rate of $250 p/hr.
Minimum of $750 per project.

Want to In House your SEO and do it yourself? $250 p/hr

We can teach you how to SEO your own site. We will spend time with you or your team and teach you the ins and outs of SEO.


One-Time Search Engine Optimization Services

From a single report to short-term projects—we are here to help.

Search Engine Optimization Single Reports

Your options include:

  • Code Audit Report:  Check for errors and identify how to fix them.
  • Keyword Audit (Site Level) - Make sure your content and keywords align.
  • Inbound Link Inventory - See who is linking to your website.
  • Competitive Analysis - See how your competitors perform and benchmark against them.

One Time Audit Package

SEO Audit Map

Audit Package:

  • Code Audit
  • Keyword Audit
  • Backlink Audit
  • Competitor Analysis (up to 5)

Price is determined by the number of pages on the website, number of keywords, and competitors you want us to analyze.

Keyword Research and Keyword List Creation

  1. Initial Survey - We work with you to form a list of words you would like to rank for and expand the list to variations and other popular terms.
  2. Rankings Report - We run reports on your website to determine which pages are ranking and the keyword positions.
  3. Keyword Gap -  We show your site compared to your competitors and look for keywords they are using you may be missing as part of your strategy.
  4. Keyword Research - We then collect all the lists and show you search volumes, prospective conversions, competition levels, and projected PPC costs.

SEO Packages (Estimates)

Search Engine Optimization works best when you can address several areas of SEO work at the same time. There is a minimum viable amount of work that is generally required per project. We've done our best to price these Affordable SEO Services Based on the work we have done before. We offer the following packages:

Basic SEO Package:

We run an Audit Package on your site. We use this information to make changes and improve your website's ability to be indexed appropriately. With the remaining time, we work on a keyword strategy.

Great for smaller websites up to 50 pages.

Hours of Support: 10
Project time: 30 days
Results: The website will be SEO-ready and started down the road to better Organic Search Results.

*We can add hours as needed

If you want to work on your own website and get some help with your efforts this is a great package.

Standard SEO Package: $7,500

It's the basic package with more hours, more reports, and more competitor data. We also increase the frequency of reports and have weekly check-ins.

We fix the code issues and work on the keyword strategy for your site. We identify well-performing pages and improve their rankings.

Great for midsize websites up to 100 pages.

Hours of Support: 25
Project time: 60 days
Results: The website will be actively engaging in SEO efforts through clean code and Keyword Optimized Content.

Advanced SEO Package: $12,500

Increase in the number of support hours, page-level optimization reports, Gap Analysis on Competitors keywords, and backlinks.

We fix code issues and work with your team to create processes to reduce future errors.

We work on a final version of a keyword list. We map your keyword list to each page on the site.

We start a backlink campaign.

Great for larger websites up to 200 pages.

Hours of Support: 50
Project time: 60 days
Results: The website will see an improvement in Organic results. Changes to the site will take effect sooner.

Want to work on your SEO a little slower?

I can help you work on your Search Engine Optimization efforts at a pace and price that fits your budget. There is a minimum amount of work and time one should spend doing SEO.

I can help you with your site for a minimum of $500 a month for a 3-month contract. This includes two meetings a month (30 min), weekly SEO reports, and a quick response to emails and inquiries.

This will cause the turnaround of rankings to be a little longer, but it's a great start for smaller sites and can be good for people that need some help for a short season.

Ready to disscuss your SEO needs?

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Woman Looking at SEO reportMonthly Service Contracts for Search Engine Optimization Services


Sometimes you need someone on your team to help you execute a strong search engine optimization plan. We have contracts set-up for 3 - 6 months of consultation, reporting, and modifications.

Monthly Search Engine Optimization plans include

  • Benchmark Reports (Monthly Reports)
    • Code Audit Report: Check for errors and fix them.
    • Keyword Report: Make sure keywords are moving up in rank.
    • Inbound Link Inventory: Audit inbound links.
    • Competitive Analysis: Report on competitors' ranks.
    • Evaluate Competitors:
      • Offline Competitors Online Efforts
      • Keyword Competitors

Additional Reports

  • Page-Level KW Audits: Tie KW list to website. Specific KW to specific pages.
  • Identify Sites for Inbound Link Requests: Analyze competitors and other sites for link options.

Monthly Service Pricing

Assuming we have already done an SEO package on your site, the monthly support pricing is as follows:

Basic Monthly - $750

We check in twice a month. We run reports and make edits and changes as planned. Bi-Monthly reports only.

Support Hours: 3 hours
Meetings: Once a month

Standard Monthly - $1,250

We check in weekly. We run reports and make edits and changes as planned. Includes additional reports.

Support Hours: 5 hours
Meetings: Twice a month

Advanced Monthly - $1,750

We are your SEO provider. We monitor your site weekly and run additional reports to help improve your SEO efforts.

Support Hours: 10 hours
Meetings: Weekly or as needed (whichever is less)

Affordable SEO Services Commitment

Affordable SEO Services

We know that there is a myriad of options when it comes to SEO service providers and options for website owners that want to do their own SEO work. Here are some suggestions on How to find an SEO provider.

Ultimately we want to help your website perform better and can hopefully meet you where you are at, financially and time commitment-wise.

Please contact us if you are considering an SEO provider or just need some access to data. We can work with you to find a service that fits your need.

We are committed to Affordable SEO Services and offer discounts based on packages, repeat customers, referrals, non-profits, and more.

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White Label Search Engine Optimization Services

More SEO Data

Need an SEO Consultant on hand to help enhance your agency's team? We can tailor our reports to carry your brand and work with your team to deliver the services your clients need.

Pricing: Price scales on the number of clients we are servicing and includes monthly payment options and consulting/work hours.

Ad Hoc Projects Starting at $1,500.

Agency Support Pricing Starting as little as $2,500 a month.

Need a White Laebl SEO Service Provider?

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