Clubhouse: SEO Fundamentals 7-13-21

This week's meeting was a little light on the range but not missing any of the depth.

Some Topics discussed in Clubhouse SEO Fundamentals:

  1. How do you rank better in Google My Business (GMB) for specific keywords?
    • Complete descriptions in all the fields using the keyword you want to be ranked for.
    • Photos with descriptions and alt text
    • Contact info completed
    • Be careful not to misrepresent anything because you can be suspended.
      • If you are suspended, reach out to GMB support.
  2. A person was starting on the web and wants to do affiliate marketing. Is there a guide or best practice?
    • Basically, this is beyond the scope of SEO basics.
    • That said, the recommendation follows to create quality content that actually adds value to the web visitor.
    • Once you build a base of followers and have some traffic, you can add some affiliate links.
    • Make sure you have a reason for your affiliate marketing page.
  3. What are some SEO tips for Artists?
    • Describe your work with words when you can.
    • Make sure your images sizes are not too large.
    • Create a website that meets a variety of visitor's needs.
    • Be sure to include narrative elements where you can
    • Show people the process from concept to completion
  4. Classy Schema, what is it?
    • It's found here:
    • It tells search engines what the pages are about and suggests how the web search bots should read your page.
    • It's a way of helping the search bots contextualize what is on your website.
    • Search Engines may ignore your signals.
    • There are quite a few schemas, and the standards are in flux.
  5. WordPress, how do you organize the Categories Pages for SEO benefit?
    • It depends on what template you are using and how you want the pages displayed.
    • Ideally, pages are nested under categories like buckets.
    • Categories should be high-level and encompass a wide breadth of sub-categories.
    • Categories should be treated as a directory page and should follow normal SEO processes.
    • Also, include some intro texts and warm people up to learn more about the links to the posts themselves.

SEO Fundamentals Frequent Moderators for the day:

Bob Clark
Emmanuel Dato
Itamar Blauer
Kyla Herbes
Rob Bertholf
Joshua Monge (Me)