Keyword Targeting Quality Score

Calculating SEO Success

This post will purpose a “back of the envelope calculation” to create an additional baseline to measure your SEO efforts, called Keyword Targeting Quality Score. It started as I was thinking the other day about the challenges of SEO and reporting success. I’m going to call this the Keyword Targeting Quality Score. The goal is…

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Hiring a Content Writer

Hire a Content Writer Provider Image

Hiring a content writer; some thoughts. Hiring a content writer is one of the foundational elements of SEO. Essentially the content on a website moves viewers to stay on the page and gain some insight, knowledge, or awareness. If they like the content, they may share it over a social network or link it to…

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Technical SEO: One stone multiple ripples

Drop in the water Technical SEO Benefits

Technical SEO is one of the critical facets of SEO. If your website has broken links, files, missing images, or non-functioning components, it causes code errors and generally a diminished user experience. Search spiders can’t crawl broken or missing info. Users don’t like clicking on things that do not work or pulling up missing files.…

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Clubhouse SEO Fundamentals 10-19-21

Each week I participate with SEO’s from around the world to moderate a room in Clubhouse called SEO Fundamentals. This week we had quite a few mods and a few questions. I’m posting the most relevant question today. For people new to SEO, what are some core SEO Fundamentals? There are definitely some basics that…

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Club House SEO Fundamentals: 10-12-21

Here is a sample of some of the questions from this week’s room. What are some best ways a business can do SEO? The ideal SEO plan aligns with your business goals and helps with achieving those goals. If your primary interest is to sell more of a good or service, you want to rank…

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Club House SEO Fundamentals 10-05-21

My apologies I did not get a complete account of this day’s question. Two questions did stand out. How does one Niche in SEO? There are several facets to SEO, so it’s easy to niche into a specific service. But first, let’s look at two prevailing ways people provide SEO services. “Do It for you”…

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