Clubhouse SEO Fundamentals 10-19-21

Each week I participate with SEO's from around the world to moderate a room in Clubhouse called SEO Fundamentals. This week we had quite a few mods and a few questions. I'm posting the most relevant question today.

For people new to SEO, what are some core SEO Fundamentals?

There are definitely some basics that people need to over. Here are a few:

Learn what SEO is broadly, and what the different facets are, such as technical SEO, On-page SEO, Content Creation, Backlinking, and more. Understanding these components and how they interact will help you SEO your site in a comprehensive way.

Test and Try things out, on your own website or a website you can control. This is really the best way to learn SEO because you can see what elements are going to move the needle, how much time different things take, and how you may want to approach SEO.

Learn a tool and get to know it. There are quite a few SEO tools out there. Stick to one for a little while and learn what it does and how to use the data and tools to make changes. Once you have a good handle, then explore other tools. Each tool has common elements, but each does have its own approach.

Find a Mentor or Someone ahead of you. There is a lot of great SEO's out there that are doing awesome things. Find someone you can buddy up to and learn from them. You can follow any of the mods from the SEO Fundamentals group as an example.

Keep reading and learning. An SEO plan is like a marathon, and so is the process to learn and understand SEO. Search Engines are always updating their algorithms, and these developments create new things to learn. Generally, though, the changes are not overly drastic, but they tend to emphasize areas of SEO that some might not have developed.

Understand the Search Engines. Follow their blogs, their website, and posts. Listen to what they are asking for or value. Generally, they want their web users to find what they are searching for in a clear and concise way. Most believe having quality content, a well-running site, with recognition from other sites, will provide quality search results for their users.

Leverage common tools and practices. There are some standard tools people use, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Learn how these tools work and what data they provide.