Waymaker SEO Agency: Year One

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I made it—one year as an SEO agency owner. The truth is, this is the second time being a digital marketing service provider. Learning from my experience (over 10 years) and other consulting efforts, this definitely the first year strictly as an SEO Agency. What did I learn in this first year? What Waymaker SEO…

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DIY WordPress SEO | Some tips

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO | Some Tips When it comes to WordPress SEO, there are a lot of options but I prefer Yoast SEO for my clients and for the DIY SEO folks. I love WordPress and all the cool functionality it provides. As a front-end developer and SEO strategist, this platform makes life so much easier…

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Being a Small Business Owner 2020

fishing for business

Reflections on being a Business Owner Here we are. The end of 2020 and looking down the barrel of 2021. Being a business owner; running an SEO agency there are some interesting things that I’ve learned in the last few months. Business Ownership is tough There is no boss, there are bosses. Each of my…

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How to find a SEO provider

Hire a Content Writer Provider Image

What to look for from an SEO provider Yes, this article is a little counter-intuitive, but you have options. We want people to know that and make the best decisions. If you’re looking for an SEO provider to help improve your website’s search engine rankings, there are several factors to consider before choosing one. Steps…

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Search Engine Optimization Reports

Stats Graph

Search Engine Optimization Reports; Overview Whichever SEO company or services you use, you should be able to get detailed infomration from your Searching Engine Optimization provider. What information should you access, and what types of reports should you expect? Read below. What SEO reporting should I Expect? This article is a small list of reporting…

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Search Engine Optimization Code

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One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization code is proper coding techniques and solutions. Most people don’t know how to code, so knowing whether or not their coding is correct can be a real challenge. Much like the framing of your house, there are standards, but if the person who framed the…

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Search Engine Optimization Factors

Puzzle pieces in a pile

We have decided to list out some of the Search Engine Optimization factors. These are some basic mechanics website owners must be aware of when engaging in search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization: Basics Mechanics Several factors of a website will cause a website to gain better search rankings for specific keywords. These are in…

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