Waymaker SEO Agency: Year One

I made it—one year as an SEO agency owner. The truth is, this is the second time being a digital marketing service provider. Learning from my experience (over 10 years) and other consulting efforts, this definitely the first year strictly as an SEO Agency.

What did I learn in this first year?

  1. What Waymaker SEO does (and doesn't do)
  2. The "Waymaker SEO way."
  3. Who Waymaker SEO serves
  4. Why Waymaker SEO exists
  5. How I can show Proof of Concept

I'll go into more details below.

What Waymaker SEO does

As an SEO agency, the goal is to provide SEO services in a way that meets the needs of our target clients. This means how we deliver services is as important as the results. Here is what we deliver:

  1. Informative Reports - And Some summaries and shorter reports.
  2. Detailed Processes for improving ranks - No cheap tricks, just data, and hard work.
  3. Implementable strategies - Work with our client's goals.
  4. Targets that are reasonable and achievable - Focus on a multi-facet effort.
  5. Excellent Customer Service - Friendly and responsive.
  6. Transfer of SEO knowledge - Build our client's ability to engage in SEO efforts.

What Waymaker SEO does not do

Knowing what you don't do is also essential.

  1. We don't ask for access to accounts we don't need. (Only Revocable Access)
  2. We don't try to upsell other work (we are focused solely on SEO)
  3. We don't charge more than the value we provide (Fair wage and our client's success and referrals are what we are after.)
  4. We don't lock people into long-term contracts (Short runs)
  5. We don't try to capture business that doesn't fit. (Right size for the right company)

How Waymaker SEO does SEO

I love SEO work. It's like a new puzzle with every client. There are a lot of similarities between websites. The core functions of SEO are super essential and applicable to the smallest or largest website.

  1. Clean Code - Error-free pages that allow more content to be indexed.
  2. Content Strategy & Revision - Use strong Keywords and leverage On-Page Level Optimization with researched keywords.
  3. Backlinks - Create a backlink strategy that fits into broader marketing efforts.
  4. Competitor Analysis - Size up the competition and leverage their backlink inventory and keyword usage. Measure against stronger and weaker sites.
  5. Work With You Provider - We walk with you through the SEO journey. Show you what is working and what needs to be fixed, and work with you to SEO your site.

Who Waymaker SEO Serves:

We had the chance to work with some super cool folks over the year. Here is a short list of the industries and titles we have served.

  1. Manufacturing: Marketing Director
  2. Financial Services - Retirement Services: Chief of Staff
  3. Security Services: Owner and Marketing Director
  4. Regional Winery: Owner and Marketing Director
  5. Several B2B, B2C, OEM, focused businesses
  6. A Celebrity Chef - (Trying to create processes that help them get the right traffic!)
  7. Artist - Owner
  8. Higher End Beauty School: Marketing Director
  9. Environmental Consulting Firm - Marketing Director
  10. Marketing Agencies (3 Agencies so far)
  11. Tech Companies (3 so far) - Marketing Agency
  12. We have clients across the US and Canada!
  13. We also have helped several small businesses in the area as we have had "free project time."

A business's marketing directors must reach potential clients from a region or national pool of potential clients.

Why Waymaker SEO?

I come from a background that believes that businesses should be positive contributors to a community by providing goods and services that leverage and meet the needs of a community for the benefit of the community. There is an influx of businesses going online, and they need to be found by potential clients. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. I want to help these people and make the internet a better-organized space for the global community.

I also take a holistic approach, meaning we don't try to one-shot or one-step the efforts. Our processes approach SEO from several facets.

Where is the Proof?

Here is a sample of some of the clients we have worked with and have helped.

Start Date

Organic Traffic

Monthly Average Users

Client #1

June 2020


2K - 3K

Client #3

December 2020


< 100

Client #2

July 2020


1K - 1.5K

My Site

March 2020


500 - 750

Or you can see the images below from the Analytics Account.

This is Waymaker SEO site stats:

Waymaker SEO Agency Our Site Results Year one

Our Clients Sites: (Name Protected) Click images to expand.

Google Analytics Report Googel Analytics Ornigc Growth Google Analytics Traffic Increase Proof

The results

Our clients have seen increased inquiries from their respective websites, and new customers/clients closed as a result.  Our clients also know how to do basic SEO and update their sites regularly.

I worked with our clients to fix the SEO Code errors on their websites, shifted their keywords to traffic with better intent, and moved away from lower-value words. I also helped them develop a backlink strategy and monitored their competitors.

What's new for 2021?

I'm looking to master my work and expand my services to include the work I have done to build up my website. We will offer more services that allow WaymakerSEO to do more to help our clients with their efforts. These additional services and intensity levels should allow us to expand our team and delve further into white-label work.

In closing, some thanks.

I want to thank the clients that entrusted me with their website SEO efforts. It was an absolute pleasure working with each of my clients this year. Some even referred me to others needing SEO work, and some I'm still working with.

I also had the chance to connect with others in the industry. I started participating in workgroups to help other entrepreneurs gain some SEO know-how and critical information on SEO practices for their websites. I look forward to continuing to build my network and helping even more folks.

Finally, thank my wife and partner for giving me the time and space to start a business again and make something happen this year. She has patiently listened to me explain how I want to improve, document, or change how I do the work and build an SEO agency. I couldn't have done this without a kick-butt life partner.

We want to help you success

If you want to see if Waymaker SEO is a good fit, schedule a Free 15 Minute Consultation.