Hiring a Content Writer

Hiring a content writer; some thoughts.

Hire a Content Writer Provider ImageHiring a content writer is one of the foundational elements of SEO. Essentially the content on a website moves viewers to stay on the page and gain some insight, knowledge, or awareness. If they like the content, they may share it over a social network or link it to this web page from their website. Search Engines also use the words and images on your website, known as "crawling and indexing," and look for links to your content and user experience. The better the content, the better this cycle works.

This process helps Search Engines determine what URLs are associated with various keywords and ranks them according to their algorithms.

Content is about Quality Content

A content writer needs to connect with people through their work, and not everyone can do that or is willing to take the time to write quality content.

So why not leave it up to the professionals to do fantastic work for you?

What is a content writer?

Content writers sound like what the name suggests, a writer of content. That can be about anything, how-to guides, informational pieces about your favorite hobby, ideas about what you read on your favorite blogs or the information on the back of a cereal box. These writers connect with their readers to encourage them to connect with the ideas and concepts they attempt to communicate to the viewer.

 Why hire someone to write content?

The benefit of hiring a content writer: There is a low opportunity cost, you gain access to consistent original work, and you can expect quality for the content.

Low Opportunity Cost

When it comes to businesses writing content, constant problems interrupt production, and other competing priorities exist. When it comes to writing content for your business, you have two choices.

  1. Spend time writing on the business's subject and struggling to use the right words and explanations for what is happening, worrying about what to write and how to communicate your Idea.
  2. Pass on that task to someone trained to deal with those stresses practiced in delivering quality content.

Hiring a writer makes sense if you are not a gifted writer and can't afford to develop those skills. You can focus on what you do best and leave the writing to a pro.

Access to Original Work

Original work is necessary as plagiarism leads to trouble, and content writers can ensure you will not have plagiarized material. Original content will make your business look better as you provide new ideas or new views. Make sure the writer can present your product/Idea in a way that fits your voice and approach to bring more consumers to your business.

Quality Content

Once you are comfortable with a writer, consider hiring the same content writer for your projects, so your material is similar between your website and your social media or other.

About SEO writers

When you hire an SEO content writer, look for one that can incorporate keywords into their work so that when google or any other browser does a scan of the website, it will achieve a higher ranking on the search page.

Some common questions about hiring a content writer

When do I hire a content writer?: When you need to fill out a blank website or post ideas for your social media.

What should I consider when hiring a content writer?: Look for their references and what they can provide; working with writers is a two-way street that benefits both parties. Check for industry experience or a process that is not too taxing.

Why hire a content writer? In your busy schedule, writing could be a project that takes up too much time and is stressful, but letting a writer do that job means more time spent on other business needs.

Where do I hire a content writer?: Looking up google "content writer" should grant many results for businesses. You can also find freelancers on Fiver, Upwork, or through many social media channels. There are also quite a few service providers. I recently discovered: https://textgoods.com/

Who should I hire?:
Hire someone you know will help your website and business grow. Find someone easy to work with who understands your business, approach, and values.

How do I hire a content writer?

  • Determine whether you want to hire a freelancer or an agency
  • Check the gig board sites
  • Put a call out on Social Media
  • Ask others in your industry for referrals
  • Start with a sample project, outline what you need written, specifying the size of the content and use. Please provide samples of what you are looking for to help them understand what you need.
  • Understand how the content writer charges and what the deliverable is, and the timeline.
  • Suppose it works out, great. If not, try to find another out there.

In conclusion, to answer the big question, Why hire someone to write for me? Honestly, writing is not the most fun aspect of a business for most people. It eats up a lot of time and produces stress. Hiring someone to make quality written content should not be stressful and will give you time back. When you hire a content writer, there is a low opportunity cost, consistent original work being produced, and you can establish a base level of quality content.

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