Two Tips to improve SEO

Alt tag description SEO tipsWith almost every client there is an "Ah-ha!" moment when we talk through the SEO process and what needs to be done to improve their website. These two tips are quick and easy ways to boost your SEO score.

SEO Tip #1: Use Alt Tags

Alt tags are a piece of code that works as a back-up for when your image doesn't display. It also works for website readers that describe images on the page, generally for people that are visually disabled.

The Alt tag should be a description of what the image is and is one more potential place for you to put a keyword. Ideally, the image is being used to illustrate a point and should represent some facet of the page, where a keyword makes sense.

Two point pencil representing 2 SEO tips
Two-point pencil representing 2 SEO tips

The caption above is mirroring what is in the alt tag for this image. The idea is that the pencil has two tips, and so does this blog post.

To add alt text, you need to access the image and look for the field "Alt Text" or "Alternative Text" and enter a phrase.

Added Bonus

Making sure your alt tags have content moves you closer to ADA compliance.

Read more about ADA Web Compliance

SEO Tip #2: Refresh Old Content

Two finger model SEO tips

Sometimes those posts or pages that were gems you wrote a few months, or maybe even years back are a little dated or are missing some insight you currently have. Jump back to older pages and make some tweaks to freshen up the page. Add links to newer content, expand on some ideas, add some pictures, and make sure you add some of the SEO elements you may have missed or underdeveloped.

By going back to old content and changing a few elements on the page you are creating fresh content. It's not the same as new content but does provide some new content for search engines to pick up.

One Expert Tip

Focus on pages that contain keywords that you currently rank on the 2nd or 3rd page of the search engine results. This way you can take content that is almost on the first page and give it a little boost.

If you need help determining that list of words, we can help.

We can also help you optimize specific pages for specific keyword usage.




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