Clubhouse: SEO Fundamentals 6-15-21

SEO Fundamentals: Highlights

Clubhouse SEO Fundamentals

Today I had the chance to open the room and discuss the basics of SEO that I created called the 4 C's. You can see what I presented in the SEO methodology section of my site. There were not too many questions about the basics.

Some Questions from the Session

  1. How Often should we check SEO scores?
    • Monthly or Quarterly if not doing this full time.
    • Weekly is a decent time frame to give the website times to index information and provides timely information.
  2. What metrics should we look at for value?
    • Search Engines and reporting agencies use a scoring system that is a high-level baseline for their perspective programs. 
    • Standard Metrics: Google Analytics Organic Traffic, time on site, bounce rate.
      • Google Search Console: Index rate and errors
      • Linkedin Group: Google Small Business Group
  3. Best Tips for Google Small Business
    1. Follow Google Search Central YouTube Site
  4. The website has some issues and moved to a new provider and lost ranks.
    • How do I resubmit my website?
      • Use Google Search Console and resubmit.
      • Other Concerns: Maybe everything did not make the transition and the new site is missing pages or not redirected correctly. 
  5. Why does my site rank well for some words better than some other words?
    • Ahrefs: Use this tool to see what ranks you have and then try to improve the content in those areas.
    • See what your competitors are doing and use that information in your content creation strategy.
  6. Is it better to have quantity or quality content?
    • Quality over quantity, but definitely want to have the right Quantity of Quality content.
  7. How do I learn SEO

These were just a sample of questions asked.

Today's Moderators

Jonathan Li 
Eric Sleeth 
Rob Bertholf
Emmanuel Dato
Hilary Quinn
Jenny Favela
Bob Clark
Tonya Burge
Shay Ohayon
Itamar Blauer
Payton Maurer