Clubhouse: SEO Fundamentals 6-22-21

This weeks SEO Tips, Insights & Questions

This week's discussion revolved around some basics of SEO efforts, with a few technical questions. Here is an excerpt/overview of some of the questions.


SEO Questions:

How do we address the SEO basics?

  • Learn the flow of SEO and leat some of the basics of SEO
  • There are some resources online through Google, MOZ, Ahrefs, SEMRush.
  • Understand the technical aspects of SEO like web development, content creation, backlinking, and competitor analysis

Has SEO changed over time? What is the new emphasis?

  • Google Updates can be found here:
  • The big shift is a movement from specific "silver bullet tactics" to more of a holistic approach to SEO
  • Another shift is from creating websites for machines (like search engines) and more towards the user experience (human beings)

How do I get started in SEO as a content writer?

  • Think through the content journey - create a Content Strategy Process
  • The Long Tail Keyword process is a tactic that could be helpful
  • Research the Acronym "EAT" (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness)
  • For some industries "YMYL" maybe be important (Your Money or Your Life)
  • Understand how people buy products online. One Example, provided by Brandon: 900 Point Car Buying 
  • Check out YouTube Google Search Central
  • Moz Learning Center
  • One of our Mods has a YouTube Channel: Itamar Blauer

Where is the best place to know when Google Updates?

How do you prevent people from hotlinking your website?

I had to look this up. Apparently, it's when someone displays your website content inside their website. This taxes your web server as your site is being called up by another site, but only certain pieces of your website.

Here is an article discussing the issue from a Joomla site:

  • It was suggested that using a CDN could reduce the load on your website as the resources (which are generally absconded with) would then be sourced from the CDN and not your site.

What are some of the best Practices for a new website starting the SEO journey?

  • Focus on core products/services
  • Make sure your offerings are clear and the site is easy to navigate
  • Make sure you set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Follow John Mueller 

How do I build Authority for my site?

  • Core Services - Use the E-A-T Formula
  • Fid the right directories to list your business/site
  • Build up your digital footprint
    • Social Profiles
    • Get other websites, that are related, to link back to your site
    • Industry and trade sites recognition

How do I use the Attribution Model for SEO efforts?

This is a feature of Google Analytics and it allows you to assign values to a conversion process. The challenge is determining how you assign value and what you track to make sure you are giving the right credit to the right channel for tracking conversions.

Example: A person may see an ad on a search result, click it, heading to your site, and see a few things, then go back to the Search page.

A week later they remember something from your website and do a search with a word that you are well ranked, the result shows your page, they click the link, and head to your site, but don't contact you or buy anything.

Another week goes by and they see a post on a social channel by you, they click the call to action, a link to your website, and then they buy or contact you.

Which channel was responsible for the conversion?

There are several ways to track this info. Here is a link to Google's answer on Attribution Models

What are some key elements for supporting websites in the US market and UK market?

Hilary, from Ireland, gave us a rundown of compliance as it relates to GDPR. You can see the full regs here:

Basically, people need to be asked to opt into their data being tracked and told what the data is going to be used for.

In the US, there are some requirements to inform people what you do with data you capture from them (email and credit card info, etc.). There is also an acceptance for a passive acceptance, like "by using the website you agree".

You should check with lawyers/solicitors from those respective countries/regions to ensure compliance, more so if you have specific requirements for your industry.

Our advice is considered best practices, not legal counsel.

What other skills pair well with SEO?

There are quite a few and I listed them here:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) - Faster results and can be cost-saving partnered with SEO
  • Website Design - Know how to fix code errors that impede SEO results
  • Marketing SKills - Know how to research and align marketing goals and SEO efforts
  • Content Writing/Creation - Know how to write the content needed to garner better SEO ranks and still speak to people in a way that is understandable.

This wasn't a full list and not all the information. If you want more info please join us in the Clubhouse App.

Today's Moderators

Jonathan Li
Eric Sleeth
Rob Bertholf
Emmanuel Dato
Hilary Quinn
Jenny Favela
Bob Clark
Tonya Burge
Shay Ohayon
Itamar Blauer
Payton Maurer