Clubhouse: SEO Fundamentals 7-27-21

It seems like in the summer months our sessions were a little light in the range of questions, but never in the depth of answers.

Some Questions from this Clubhouse SEO Fundamentals Session:

  1. How do you help a client that has Gateway domains?
    • This is an advanced question
    • Gateway domains are websites that are created to generate traffic, then redirect them to a different website.
    • This is generally not a recommended practice. A website should be able to rank for the content that is actually on the website.
    • When you use a gateway domain, there are myriad ways of how this can negatively impact your domain.
      • If you are connected to a non-relevant site, the misalignment is jarring for Users and Search Engines.
      • If the domain pointing to you could have been penalized or reselling info, you could be sharing that penalty or have duplicate content.
      • Google for more challenges.
    • The best thing to do is get the content on the main site and allow the remaining site to compete.
    • Landing pages and branding pages are a little different as they tend to dovetail into a website.
    • Note: Through the conversation, it was discovered the website in question was given a manual penalty for these efforts.
  2. How do we use no-follow for links?
    • It's a little piece of code you insert on the link.
      • You're website CMS should have the option
    • The idea is you are telling the search engines that you are point to a website, but you are not passing any credibility to the site.
      • It's like saying I know a person I can refer you to, but I don't know them that well.
    • You should consider this for:
      • Sensitive sites that may be associated with your site
      • If you have too many external links
      • If the link is not key to the page it lives on
  3. Follow-up Question: What are other attributes for External Links?
    • Sponsored links: Tells a Search Engine that you are linked to sponsored content.
    • UGC (User Generated Content): Signals that you are not lending editorial credibility to the site.
    • No-Follow: Signals to not pass any credibility onto the site
    • Do-Follow: Signals to the search engines that you have vetted the link and wish to share value.
    • You can read more here: 
  4. How do I write words for all the content I want to rank for?
  5. How do we rank better for a new website? (We were told to create content regularly)
    • Check what is ranking already
      • Work on content for the pages that are on the 2-4th pages of the SERPS (Search Engine Rankings Page).
    • Itamar Suggests:
      • Thruuu:
        • It shows you SERP data and ranks
      • Screaming Frog:
        • It shows you code errors and suggestions
      • SEM Rush:
        • It shows you information about your website and competitor information.
  6. July update, it wasn't about web vitals but it seems to have taken effect.
  7. How do you de-index pages in bulk?
  8. What is a silo?
    • Sort information into silos for users
      • Think topics or business needs
    • Content for establishing insight for Search Engines
    • Ideally, these should lead to results
  9.  How do I improve my click-thru rate?
    • Create content that builds authority and entices people to stay on the site.
    • Check your meta descriptions and make sure they are enticing clicks on the Search Engine Results page.
  10. How do you determine what content needs to be optimized?
    • Test and Measure
    • Use SEO plugin for help

SEO Moderators for this Clubhouse SEO Fundamentals

Emmanuel Dato
Eric Sleeth
David Chong
Hilary Quinn
Itamar Blauer
Jenny Favela
Rob Bertholf
Tonya Burge
Joshua Monge (Me)