Website SEO, You don’t need a new website.

It is time for a new website? Concerned about Website SEO efforts? Recently I've talked to a few potential clients that are concerned about how their website is performing. They feel like the website is not doing well and there is something wrong. They are unsure how to pinpoint the problem.

Sometimes it's the way the site works on the backend, sometimes it's the copy/content, sometimes it just the way the pages connect through a strange labyrinth of clicks.

Some of these folks have decided that a new site is needed, some want to know what their options are. So here are some of my thoughts:

Before you hire a website designer I want to suggest a few considerations and a quick exercise. Take some time and answer the following:

Website Exercise

What is your website doing right?

Take inventory of what your website is doing right. What elements of your website do you enjoy, or are performing the way you want?

  • Make a shortlist of the positive elements of your website.

What is your website doing wrong?

Take inventory of what you don't like about your website. Write down anything and everything. Some of these elements are going to go with you even if you build a new site.

  • Make a list of the website's shortcomings.

What is your website doing, objectively?

This is where I really was trying to get you. What does the data say about your website? Look at your analytics and search console data. If you don't have this data, you may want to pause a change and get these installed. What does your sales team say? How about your customers?

  • Make a list of objective insights about your website.

Put it all together

Look over your list and measure it against each other. Look at the things that you dislike, weigh them against the positives and objective data. Does the information warrant a new site to be created? Are there some elements that could change that would make you feel less frustrated about the website?

Result One: Time for Change

After looking over your list you decide that the website is doing okay, but you want to change it. Great. Make a plan with your team and identify the biggest pain points. Work to change one element at a time. This is crucial if your website is delivering results, but still has pieces you want to change.

Consider: You should be able to work with a graphic designer to fix creative elements, a UX/UI person to help with mapping the flow of people on your site, an SEO person to help bring more traffic, and a copywriter to fix copy and content. If there are issues on the backend, find a developer.

If you need help with this, let me know. Contact Joshua.

Result Two: Need more Information

You may have the likes and dislikes lists going strong, but are missing some objective data and information. Consider hiring someone to audit your website. This should give you the data you need to know what change you should make.

This is something we do regularly. There is also a list of free tools you can use to fix the site yourself.

Result Three: I need a new site!

After pulling all the data and content together you realize you do need a new site. Great! You have a list of what you want to not have to deal with and what you liked about your old site.

Consider: When looking for someone to design a new site, be sure to hire someone with the right skillsets you want. If your issues are heavily designed-focused, getting a web developer that is a graphic designer would eliminate some of the design issues.

Final Thoughts About Websites

Creating a new site is a fun and challenging task. I've had the pleasure of building over a hundred websites and there are a few things I would suggest you sort through before starting a new site.

  1. What is the main goal of your website?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What do you want them to do on your website?
  4. What elements do you need on the site to move people along the sales process?
  5. How do you want them to connect to you and your business?

Sorting through these questions will help you with a new site design. This list can also be used to help fix your existing site.

One more Final Thought Website SEO Concerns

Website SEO Pie Chart

Website graph concept, 3D illustration isolated on white

I put together a list of commons website problems. These problems occur for numerous reasons. If you have any of these issues, you want to make sure your new site won't cause any of these issues.

Some common website SEO problems:

  1. The website loads slow.
  2. The website is hard to navigate.
  3. Images are old/outdated
  4. Content is stale
  5. There are too many widgets and doodads on the pages.
  6. The website is attracting the wrong traffic/crowd
  7.  You can't figure out how to update anything on the backend.

So now what?

If you want some help to consider your options; a new site or fixing your existing site, contact us.

We can also run a Full SEO Audit of your website and tell you objectively what's working and what can be improved.

If you want to find out some other tips for a website check out the WP Beginner Blog for Website Tips.


Want some advice for your website?

I can help talk through your options when it comes to fixing your website and evaluating if a new website is needed.

I can also help with a transition plan to preserve as much SEO value as possible, should you decide to build a new site.